Lies and statistics
Oct 22

She’s not a Republican anymore and she says they didn’t reflect her social viewsl A lot of people when they were very young mirrored their parents political views but grew up to think differently.
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Oct 21

AOC is a goddamned national treasure. Unabashedly progressive, kicked moderate ass in her elections, calls Republicans on their bullshit, skillfully claps back when they try to attack her, and she somehow successfully managed to merge political awareness with Twitch in a way that didn’t feel forced or scripted? In my Read more

Oct 19

Bad take, Reese’s are the tits. I hope you stub your toe every day for the rest of your life.

Oct 16

I can’t figure out if you’ve reached next level troll status or if you’re incredibly anal and LOVE semantics. Either way like others have stated I don’t think the writer is doing a disservice by simply rounding up. I mean really $879.99 vs $880 that’s the hill that you’re going to die on? 

Oct 16

Yeah, this is also how most people read it! When I look at the price of the iPhone 12 Pro, and it says “$999) I read that in my head as “a thousand dollars) because that’s what it is. Victoria, don’t listen to this dingus. Your articles are always fantastic and there is no problem with you or anyone else seeing $879 Read more

Oct 16

So, are you are the type that thinks $19.99 is the same as $19? or $20?
Retailers will use the 9 in a price to make a product seem to be a bigger value. By stating a price of $879 Apple is hoping we will think the price is closer to $870 than $880. Read more

Oct 16

Yes. Gizmodo’s grammatical style policy is to round up prices ending in 9 (i.e., $99, $99.99) to the next dollar up. It’s a psychological marketing ploy meant to trick consumers into thinking $879 at a glance is closer to $870 than $880. That marketing ploy might not work on you—but it does for a wide majority of Read more

Oct 8

You do realize people don't work for free. I honestly don't get the criticism from people who think everything should be free. Get a job. 

Oct 5

I love PS exclusives, as they are exactly the games I like to play, Big, Flashy, full of amazing stories and great blow-your-mind setpieces, and nothing comes close to Uncharted or TLOU 2 for me.

That said, will be getting series X before PS5, only because I know that the huge library of Xbox games I have + gamepass, I Read more

Oct 5

Sony is mum on this because they didn’t think of doing this. Microsoft has made this cross platform play anywhere approach their central tenet for the xbox series x|s. People obviously have responded well to it, and Sony is caught on their back foot and is scrambling to put something similar in place as quick as they Read more

Sep 28

The latest episode of the Epic Games vs. Apple saga took place this morning, and it appears we’re still at square one. Read more

Sep 28

It’s virtue signaling for people who have no virtue and have infected their kids.

Sep 28

It’s easy enough to understand when you remember that they’re frightened, stupid, spoiled babies.

Sep 28

Let me share a little secret with these idiots bots: once you have paid for the movies, nobody really cares whether you even watch them. They’ve got your money.

Sep 25

Mr. West is no more or less deserving of help than is the guy talking to his demons and living in the bushes in my neighborhood. The tragedy isn’t Delonte, it’s the Delonte along with the hundreds of thousands of others like him who need mental health help and don’t get it.
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Sep 24

I don’t understand what these people want asking Chinese citizens who are in the spotlight, almost completely rely on their fame within China and are always at risk of being cut off, exiled or worse about these issues. Even if he disagrees with the Uighur detainment it would be career suicide if not actual suicide if Read more

Sep 22

Well with that kind of perception supposedly widely held you’d think I would’ve been able to preorder an Xbox Series X today, but no, they fucking sold out. Read more