Xangelix's rather untimely boner
Oct 28

God, can you imagine what would happen if she had access to Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham? Maybe she should start a Patreon that is nothing but her roasting various political figures.

Oct 28

Holy Goddamn. She starts out at mid-playoff intensity, and actually picks up speed from there. Watching that was transcendent, and I wish she qualified for some sort of genius grant that let her spend a year a year or two just writing and delivering sacred demolitions like this one to the deserving. Read more

Oct 28

Most cops couldn’t truthfully justify the existence of their jobs. They’re glorified overpaid security guards at best.

Oct 28

Damn, idk if I’m just starved in this political climate for a decent orator, but word. of. this. Even the silly bits. “I want to turn this building into luxury low cost housing. These would make some really nice apartments.” It’s good.

Jun 11

This is certainly uncomfortable to talk about, but if we try to imagine it with some other marginalized group, I think it becomes pretty obvious that the answer is not to fire the trans woman.

Let’s say that a significant portion of the population that used the center was uncomfortable having a black woman there, an Read more

Jun 10

She doesn’t. At no point does she say that anyone would actually *be* less safe. All she says is that people are likely to *feel* less safe if anyone can use the bathroom, and that’s almost certainly true. It’s probably the least important of the arguments she makes, but if you read the essay from an unbiased Read more

Jun 9

So, what I’m getting from this is, “It’s okay, because they were following orders.” Read more

Jun 8

I do not know of a single trans person. I am not at all aware of the level of challenges they face on a daily basis. I fully support their right to live respectably and with dignity. There should absolutely be no discrimination against them when it comes to jobs or even social equity. Hell, in my culture, transgenders Read more

Sep 20 2019

Back in the early 80's, it was actually a low-key fashion trend to wear those green Army jackets. I had a few friends who wore them, even though we were still in middle school. They could be bought on the cheap at thrift stores, probably from vets pawning them off for extra cash, I suppose. So it really wasn’t that Read more