Yea, Sonya, Im going to have to call you back, FOX 5 is on the other line” Read more

Kick door, get shot. Roll credits.  Read more

A hit dog will holler but outside of infighting there has to be a better way to bridge the gap in understanding between the two sides of the conversation than whats happening now. Read more

Absolutely salted the earth. Anything said after “Ned Flanders” voice is just an attempt to circle the wagons. Well said sir. Read more

Pen game is immaculate sir, bravo. Great read top to bottom, that paragraph in parenthesis is an experience we all share at one point or another and you definitely captured it. In the spirit of the article, ill go American Gangster Denzel instead of Training Day Denzel. “My man, soul brother” Read more

The White Man’s burden. That’s literally all I got from reading the original piece. Its literally an unspoken rule in Atlanta that white people don’t go below I-20 for anything other than the airport and Turner Field. The latter has since been moved back North just so harrowing experiences such as the one that Read more