Lew Schiller
Aug 11

Commodore 64 with the 1541 drive and a Gorilla Banana Amber Monitor. I was stylin’ ! Truth is - we ran an entire business on that machine.

Aug 1

I had a Magnum Cruiser which I sold for various reasons but it was terrific. Just know Analog Bikers do not like e-Bikes - especially the Mountain Bike crew.

Jul 29

I’m currently driving a rented Maxima. It’s peppy..I like the instruments. Ergonomically its the worst car have ever driven. It's the first car I can honestly say I hate.

Jul 23

This. It’s almost a unicorn. It’s exactly what you should have. Dump something else. Rent space in a storage yard. Don’t let this one get away.

Jul 21

Friends work van was stolen last Thanksgiving. He got it back a month ago. LPR found it abandoned in an apartment complex parking lot.

Jul 17

“The elimination of the Accord manual (take rate: 1 percent) and Civic coupe (six percent of Civic sales here)“ Read more

Jul 17

I think it’s obvious that he just did tell us what he really thinks. Why is is necessary when someone voices a strong opinion to post the snarkey “Tell us how you really feel?” Do honest strident opinions make you uncomfortable?

Jul 16

“But obviously crossovers make the most business sense, it just sucks for anyone not planning to start a family anytime soon who may have liked to have had a Cadillac!” Read more