Dec 14

He also makes 7-Up and writes their advertising. He’s a man of many talents.

Dec 14

This is baffling. Do they seriously think that they can just replace Orlando Jones and then pretend that, what, Mr Nancy’s new form is actually not all that mad about what’s happened to black people in America? That’s the craziest, stupidest, most ill-considered, and just flat out cowardly move I’ve ever heard. It’s Read more

Dec 13

She didn’t write it, and she only directed it because the woman who DID write it was fired as director during pre-production so Olivia could be gift wrapped a movie. That writer/director was then shut out of doing press or attending the premiere for her own movie, while Wilde makes sure to simultaneously never mention Read more

Dec 3

You could’ve just asked people in the breakroom - educated, reasonably informed multiracial group of millennial people on the left - why they didn’t support her for president. They didn’t - we didn’t. “Kamala is a cop” was widely understood to be shorthand referencing her prosecutorial record instead of just a low-info Read more

Dec 3

Yeah, while being a woman of color no doubt handicapped Harris, that’s not the only reason she failed to catch fire. Her campaign was poorly run, and Harris herself kept flip flopping on everything from her support for M4A to how seriously we should have taken her first debate roast of Biden.  She was not nearly as Read more

Dec 2

Death Proof is the better half of Grindhouse, and I’d put it firmly in the middle of a Tarantino ranking, mostly because Zoe Bell and Kurt Russell are just so fucking great.

Nov 27

Zoe Bell is fantastic, cool that she was the stunt coordinator on this, but I hope that she keeps acting, too. She gives one of my favorite performances in a Tarantino movie in Death Proof, so funny and confident and spirited. 

Oct 30

I do a fair amount of backpacking and hiking. Never experienced something this intense personally, but have heard ones like this. (If you’re really interested: There is actually a reddit thread purportedly from a National Parks search and rescue officer that has a bunch of stuff like this regarding people and groups Read more

Oct 29

First, in spite of these being the also-rans, they’re all way better than that thrift store lady getting a murder confession. Second, the Lassen County one sounds like Walker Lake and it is indeed creepy as hell sometimes. Fond memories of driving my Subaru wagon along those dirt roads between there and Almanor. 

Oct 29

The last one reminds me of a story a friend of mine told me about her parents house -- apparently there is a friendly lady ghost there who also likes to read (a random medium/plumber discovered/talked to her while fixing their hot water heater and apparently she asked him the family can keep a book open for her at Read more

Oct 29

I’m sure you already know this and probably intended it, but I just figured out that this is actually funnier if you post it on every post. Read more

Oct 29

As someone who was once part of a similar insurrection against arrogant, incompetent, and condescending management, I want to applaud all of y’all for today’s showing. I’m sure you’re simultaneously enjoying the fun of mutiny while also understanding the risk. Please also know how much it means to us here in the feebl Read more

Oct 10 2019

The best film I’ve seen this year by far. The writing is really economical and the screenplay is the lesson in story structure Hollywood seems to have forgotten. The actors effortlessly deal with the delicate tone changes. It’s a one of a kind vision from Bong Joon-Ho. I’d rate it up there with 2009's Mother.

Mar 22 2019

Diana was such a badass in the movie, but still took the time to marvel at the first baby she had ever seen on a London street, and to tell the vendor of the first ice cream she ever tasted how proud he should be (my favorite scene in the movie). Her childlike wonder at the modern world was just as important as her Read more

Mar 22 2019

I had tears running down my face for much of the runtime of Wonder Woman. The Amazons’ battle on the beach? Tears. Diana climbing up out of the trench? Tears. Diana lifting a tank over her head? Tears. It was such an amazing experience to watch women in a movie be unapologetically strong. There was no deference to Read more

Mar 22 2019

Wonder Woman was indeed quite a good movie and a more important one. You hit right on the winningest thing about it: Gal Godot and Chris Pine’s megawatt chemistry. They work so well that this might be the first time I’m hoping that a superhero movie death doesn’t stay permanent. It’s a movie that gets a lot right. Read more

Mar 22 2019

Damn, there were some strong superhero movies this year. Also, you mention the fun of all of the Wonder Woman’s supporting cast and chemistry (discount Howling Commandos aside) and don’t even devote to a sentence to Lucy Davis’ absolutely fantastic turn as Etta Candy. Her interaction with Gadot is what makes the Read more

Mar 22 2019

I still need to go see Wonder Woman. Overall from what I have seen of it the movie seems solid sans the final act. As much as I want to hold Wonder Woman at fault for this, it is not an isolated incidence of this being the case. Read more