11:08 AM

Something for your children to throw away when you die.” that describes my entire videogame collection

1:39 PM

She has savings and is still working from home. She wouldn’t risk their financial future just to buy a Switch. She was able to afford it. The girl wanted one last year, but she waited until they had more cash and until the girl was a bit older and would enjoy some of the more complex games. Read more

12:29 PM

She is currently stuck inside everyday, doesn’t get to see her friends or relatives, had her party canceled and is scared of whats going on right now. Read more

8:20 PM

I’ve been playing with my five-year-old and had similar experiences. He enjoys stealing stuff from around my house and gets mad when I take it back. He threw a tantrum because my house was bigger than his (and he was tired). He got mad because I won’t give him a better axe to chop down random trees.

11:41 AM

Hey folks! Please use the comments to talk about the games you like and the ones you wish got more attention this decade!

Please do not use them to shit on other people’s suggestions or to bitch about the list. Kay, thanks!

12:24 PM

I don’t play Kingdom Hearts so none of that made sense to me, but I assume if you know what’s going on that paragraph holds some interesting info!
Read more

6:26 PM

One of the early Dragon Warriors, being on an NES cartridge, would occasionally screw up and delete your save file. When it did this, it let you know when booting up by replacing the normal opening screen and upbeat theme with a special screen with the bad news and what as a little kid was the most ominous/scary music Read more

3:05 PM

Best of all, you don’t even have to check your Wish List for sales. Nintendo will email you whenever an item on your list is on sale or when an upcoming game is finally available.

11:04 AM

The Wish List rules. I take so much advantage of it, that i actually reached my max Wish List limit the other day. I had to delete stuff from it to add anything else. The Switch has too damn many good games! It’s overwhelming! Read more

3:11 AM

PSN offers a wish list on desktop/mobile, but you’d need to sign up for alerts from a third party to get notified if anything went on sale. I appreciate that Nintendo actually emails you to let you know something on your wish list got a discount.

8:25 PM

The Wish List is super handy, but I also feel likes its necessary because of how poorly the store is set up in general. If I don’t add a game to my Wish List when I see it, chances are within a month or two it is buried so deep that I will never see or think about it again. It is helpful to be able to pull up just my Read more

7:06 PM

I usually but with these full priced games that get a massive sale like Xonic or NBA2K19, but both the article and commenters are not focusing on something that the Switch has that makes these even more of a bargain: the Gold Coins from their rewards program. I’ve bought these with my gold coins since it’s nothing out Read more

6:13 PM

The PSN store has a wish list, but I think it's only on the web-based store front, not the one on the console. 

6:41 PM

For fuck’s sake, just give me a single-player add-on worth buying outright. This live service stuff is getting exhausting.

11:58 AM

I’m already seeing the comments, so let’s be clear about something here:

“Cancel Culture” did not kill Alec Holowka. We don’t yet have the full picture of how he died, but it sounds as if he died by suicide, and had been suffering from a host of psychological and personal difficulties prior to that final, tragic act.

No Read more