1:34 PM

Damn it Microsoft, just make a phone that runs on full blown windows. Make a TV dock with mouse and keyboard for those that don’t need much power, make the phones an extra drive when connected to PC. I would drop android in a second if windows phones actually ran on windows and not some half assed stripped down Read more

8:57 AM

I feel like the RX-78-2 was there to pander to Japanese audiences. Its like Japanese Mickey Mouse. Read more

10:33 AM

Look, if we learned anything from The Fifth Element, it’s that the Moon is probably just a result of the last time that the Darkness got a bit too close for comfort. I mean, duh. ;)

2:24 PM

Bought one when it was for sale on Cyber Monday on Amazon. I like it and have no major complaints. I like the fact that it is pure android. The Oreo update was pushed back until 8.1 is released because there were stability issues. I would rather have a working phone than one that crashes all the time.

2:02 PM

It’s a very valuable and expensive device that lives by my side nearly 24/7 for a year or two before replacement. I never intentionally expose my devices to water without an additional layer of protection like a waterproof case, but having some standard level of water intrusion protection is a good insurance policy Read more

4:34 PM

Listen, it’s incredibly simple: Unless you can prove otherwise on a case-by-case basis, assume EVERY IoT device is no more or less secure than a screen door laying on the floor near an open doorway.

10:10 AM

Man I wish there was an arcade for me to hang out at! Youts or olds doesn’t matter, I just want to play pinball on a regular basis without having to pay over a grand and take up the space in my house!

10:01 AM

Good. I don’t hang out in arcades for similar reasons as why the Yoots don’t hang around Facebook. And it was today’s Olds who got the Facebook thing started anyway. It’s ours. Go snap your chats somewhere else. Your future bosses (assuming you’re employable) will find it all anyway. Read more

9:38 AM

Wait, how am I, as a customer, supposed to prove to Microcenter that I’m purchasing a GPU for personal use? Send the store manager links to my blog that is updated daily on my personal build?

2:34 PM

To be fair, this is a god-send for people like me who are hard of hearing. If a place is noisy, speaking louder won’t help me out. I don’t wear a hearing aid, but those that do complain that it picks up background noise more than the person in front of you.
Read more

12:48 PM

Really wish they’d add some kind of DVR or really improve the service just a bit, but I can’t complain about the price.

7:50 PM

“The Apple Dumpling Gang” is an underrated masterpiece.