Aug 27

Came from right rear of the trailer that went by just prior to it coming into screen from the looks of it.

Aug 19

That external mounted spare did a great job ONLY because it is no longer mounted to the rear gate. And even then I’d suggest that jeep driver have the mount arm, rear bumper, and mounting points looked at. 

Aug 11

300 miles for last Saturday for a short day trip.
Maybe another 40-50 for short trips around town.

Jul 30

Gotta disagree with you. 6 years ago I walked into the Jeep dealership said I want manual transmission, manual windows, and manual locks. Sales person started showing me things that didn’t match. I told him to stop find what I want or another dealer would. 5 minutes later, a white Rubicon, and a Tank(Willys) were the Read more

Jul 27

Perfect timing. I’ve been agonizing over which switch-type to purchase to replace my aging/failing Northgate Omnikey ultra. 100 bucks is too much to spend on something that isn’t complicated white Alps, just to test it out. $50 is painful too but an easier pill to swallow.

BTW your deal link doesn’t appear to be Read more

Perfect timing. I’ve been agonizing over which switch-type to purchase to replace my aging/failing Northgate Omnikey

Jul 16

Sorry that brand name is already taken by a racing team.

Jul 15

Dancing on three pedals does make truly technical off-roading more difficult. But I put myself into those situations, willingly, for the challenge. When driving my friends’ automatic transmissions it feels more like point it in a direction and the vehicle does everything. The destination isn’t the goal, the trail Read more

Jun 22

Why rename it after a person at all? In the span of any human lifetime there will be at least one action that people find barbaric, or against the common norms of today. Looking at history through today’s lens is ugly. Guy has been accused of being homophobic, anti-Semitic, and sexist.

Mar 25

Smart move. Help out a critical sector with transportation logistics, and get a massive write down/off on your balance sheet this fiscal year due to charitable contributions.

Feb 25

Black spots in the creases of mattresses and/or dark rice grain looking things.

Feb 18

What about turning your nose up when they bring out margarine and say they don’t have real butter?

Feb 18

And this is why I still look at Jalop. This kind of community engagement is EXACTLY what I look for! (genuinely) Far to often do reporters allow these types of comments to go unacknowledged.

Feb 17

This conversation stopped the warranty calls.

“Hi, we’re calling today to discuss your car’s extended warranty that will be expiring soon.”
“My Jeep’s lifetime warranty?”
“Yes, your cars lifetime warranty that will be expiring soon.”
“Think about what you just said.”