May 13 2014

I have a fantastic idea for Subaru. It comes from what Hyundai has done with the Veloster R-Spec, which is to offer a more performance oriented vehicle that has been stripped of a few luxury options and a couple grand off the MSRP. So, Subaru, here's what you do:

Take the WRX.
Strip out some luxury features/make it

May 7 2014

One time my band got an envelope full of pubic hair with a note that said, "You guys suck because you practice too much. Punk rock is pure. You are posers who want to be Rush." Read more

May 7 2014

Yeah, taking Patrick seriously would be a big mistake. That's just good life advice.

May 4 2014

Hi. Long-time automotive engineer here. Done test trips with tricky secret cars. But would never, ever, consider what Audi + Lambo meatballs did. So... Read more

Apr 2 2014

Audi doesn't use the ones that read out the actual air pressure. I can personally attest to how poorly their system works. When I got my A4, there were no warning lights. within a week the TPMS light came on, I checked the pressure, 35 psi all the way around. I assumed the light would go off, it didn't. I messed with Read more

Mar 30 2014

I know exactly what that sound is. It's a Model S at full throttle on the dyno in the factory, used for final testing... so basically they dubbed dyno sounds over the driving footage, haha.