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Late to the party, but this is how you debone a chicken.

Yup, the exact thing happened to Mick Foley’s account. Read more

It’s all the quotes in the article (slideshow? I hate these things), that I am commenting on... I’m using the sample size I have available. But it plays very well into the, um maybe cliché, that Americans love violence and guns (especially guns!) but the sight of a naked woman? “Oh no! Won’t someone think of the Read more

Then why does the quotes on the Titanic slideshow thing focus exclusively on the nudity and a sex scene? Read more

So, your kids get anxious watching a nude woman. (I forget, does Kate Winslet even appear nude in the film? Isn’t it just a bit of side-boob? God forbid a child see a glimpse of human anatomy) Baring some mental diagnosis, that’s the fault of the ones parenting them, in my view. Read more

Sorry I was too quick to comment. The Phantom Menace? Yeah, nobody should watch that, no matter your age. Read more

Titanic. E.T. Really? Are you f-ing kidding me? Most films on this list is more like a list of movies children should experience as early as possible. Read more

but I think we are doing kids a disservice to let them watch adult content before they are old enough to really comprehend it in context. Read more

In Denmark the Onglet cut of beef is typically called “Nyretapper” i.e. Kidney Taps. Read more

I feel like throwing up just looking at the pictures of that “food”. That looks like canned poop, and I’m willing to bet it tastes like it. Read more

Yes, having a presence on one of worlds most popular and biggest social media platforms is a waste of money, sure. Read more

Narrator: “Actually, it is. Unfortunately Ka Mai can’t read, or is a really amateurish troll” Read more

Sorry, misunderstood your comment. Read more

...I believe the only way you can respect the original material in 2022 is with pixel art or voxel. Read more

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...over the top, ridiculous action cinematic...I didn’t expect from a title that had “Metal Gear” in it.

They depend on the belief in their own existence to exist, requiring faith and religious notions of “worthiness” in order to flourish. Read more

SMT did that way before Pokémon was even a thing. Read more