Lee Swain
Oct 2

Big homes in ESO are roughly 80$ or more. No furniture included, limited to half the item slots if you are not subscribed and allowing a maximum of 24 people inside (the entire population of a FO76 server shard btw). Read more

Feb 10

Wolfenstien is the only game I play where I’m shooting humans. Because nobody deserves it more than those phobic morons.

Sep 30 2019

Given everything we read during the BL3 pre-release, I honestly thought this would be the line in the sand for gamers. Just about everything coming from either 2K or Randy was this perfect storm of everything gamers have been trying to push back against over the past 5 years. Mistreatment of workers, allegations of Read more

Sep 30 2019

Good for Baker. I sometimes get sick of him voicing seemingly everything (that Nolan North isn’t already doing), but if he’s standing up for his principles and supporting his union people, I’ve got more respect for him now.

Aug 26 2019

I want to star this response, then unstar it and star it again.

Aug 26 2019

Removing something from your own work that you feel do not stand by is, just saying, not fucking censorship. It’s called editing! Ya know, that shit that you do in order to create a good work? Read more

Aug 26 2019

Ah, right..”censorship”...the cowards reasoning for accepting and brushing off hate speech.

Cool, that’s one less game I have to play.

Jul 26 2019

“Streamer makes true statement and then logs off.” could also be the title of this article, but it’s not as catchy

Jul 26 2019

Nice to see this kind of idiot called out.

I meant Arch Warhammer, if it’s not clear.

Jul 26 2019

“cuck beta leftists.” I swear to god, you could not sound more desperate to seem cool as right-wing edgelords do when they string these words together.