I’m going to dissect this bullshit one bit at a time: Read more

They were the best surprise when Built To Spill brought them on tour a couple years back. I’m sad that they dropped back down to being a 4-piece, but they started as a 4-piece so it isn’t like losing the extra guitar is a huge setback.
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Dark Side is, imho, the most perfect album ever created (that I’ve listened to). Lyrically, musically, technically, technologically, it is 10/10. There are no missteps throughout, as I see it. Still, I’d more often rather listen to one of the less perfect, more visceral albums. Animals and Meddle are my favourites. Read more

And even after he wanted to run it! Read more

That’s totally fair. And I wish I didn’t feel it necessary to litigate this but it sure *seems* like a whoooole lot of people (and not even that many, I’m just being sensitive) did not AT ALL see that I was being up front about my bad attitude. I don’t like gatekeeping. I truly don’t. I more don’t like that anyone Read more

Doesn’t look like anything to me. Read more

Lmao. Are you gatekeeping what jobs people should do? Read more

Pretty much

As a practical matter, some of the lead actors aren’t even American, let alone southerners, so it might have been easier for them to perform a general American accent rather than a region-specific one. Sometimes details like this don’t matter, and other times it takes you right out of the show because you stop Read more

+10 for any reference to the 13th Warrior. Read more

THIS. That character/performance was a mesmerizing gift. I mean, here is someone seated at a table for two-thirds of the episode, and they were just riveting. Read more

Can we just have a Sister Agatha (pre-Dracula) spin-off already? Read more

I am admonished and feel shame for my faux pas.  Read more

I have to say, I did NOT have “My beater pickup featured in a Jalopnik article” on my 2019 Bingo card but it’s a funny old world, innit? Read more

Apologies ahead, Andrew - this is a long one. Read more

What is normal is that he set a very clear boundary of I do not watch or listen to clips of myself and they violated it so he walked out like a normal and healthy person would when their boundaries are violated. Terry Gross is the asshole here not Adam Driver. Read more

That is the big question. I’ve been reading these blogs for 10+ years, partly because i could hit all of them on one broad site.  Read more

Speaking of sports fails, the G/O editorial director (the guy who carried out you-know-who’s edict to shtick to schports) has quit: Read more

They’ve nailed a great presentation style. Occasionally YouTube will queue up a video they posted like a year or two ago, and there’s backing music, and none of the sniping at other people or screwing up and it’s all just too clean and perfect. Then a few months back they realized people want to watch people, not Read more