Lord John Whorfin

I don’t give a shit if he’s right or wrong about lateness. “Dr.” Phil is a shitbag who revels in humiliating others for entertainment. He’s a toxic lump of southern-fried garbage and no one should ever have to hear another word from him again. Anyone mentioning his name in public without dragging him like a legless Read more

Oct 29

They seem to think Coney-Barrett is just fine. They’re mad Moscow Mitch covered for Trump, but they’re ok with the tax cuts and court packing and gerrymandering. Read more

Oct 29

DC seems to *finally* be embracing the ‘multi-world’ aspects of their universe. While it took the MCU up through Dr. Strange (and, depending on how you count, the last couple of seasons of Agents of SHIELD) to acknowledge the timey-wimey multi-dimensional aspect of comics that let you kill people off and bring them Read more

Oct 27

Indeed, you have stumbled upon the one item, besides bacon itself, more responsible for the growth of Reform Judaism than any single theological argument. Read more

Oct 22

> Did he actually say that about 3D? Was he unaware that Movie theater and Home 3D use different technology for the effect and are incompatible? Read more

Oct 21

It was always laughable that Katzenberg and Whitman thought they had any sort of special insight into how “the kids” want to consume entertainment. Read more

Oct 20

The Phil Collins drum sound (specifically, pumping the drums through a gated reverb) was a studio accident during the recording of Peter Gabriel’s 3rd solo album (aka ‘Melt’). Collins was just warming up, playing a simple “boom boom thwack boom... boom-thwack” beat while engineer Hugh Padham (I’m mispelling his last Read more

Oct 14

lukewarm take: All candy corn is equally vile and knowing this already, there’s little reason to.. ugh... watch a WHOLE VIDEO.... Read more

Oct 13

unfortunately, Netflix can’t get around Sturgeon’s Law: 90% of everything is crap.  In Netflix’s case, it’s more like 96-97%. For every Bojack Horseman, there’s 4 or 5 Brights, or and nearly every bright spot seems to be killed in its crib before it has a chance to grow into something (Tuca and Bertie, you were Read more

Oct 12

Then she risks being scored ‘not relatable’ to some 18-35 demo on some consultant metric that everyone privately thinks is bullshit but goes along with because hey, it’s a number, and it might mean something... Read more

Oct 9

Most of what people object to in modern car design (and I agree with 99% of those objections) are the direct result of improved safety standards. Those stupidly high door sills that make it impossible to stylishly dangle your left elbow out the window on a nice day? Keeps passengers getting tossed out in a rollover. Read more

Oct 5

The pandemic has almost entirely eliminated my Tombstone-in-the-garage-freezer-cuz-it’s-been-that-kind-of-day. If I think I might be wanting pizza, I can now make a very either a deep-dish or thin-crust tavern cut Chicago pies for myself. ideally, the dough sits overnight, but if I start it by 3:40-4pm, I can easily Read more

Sep 30

Bea Arthur’s song. Lumpy’s Cirque du Soleil space-porn. Jefferson Starship (oof) and last but CERTAINLY not least, Harvey Korman in what amounts to blackface drag. Read more

Sep 29

I will defend Jupiter Rising. It is an incredibly silly and indulgent hill that I am willing to die on. All the Warchowskis have wanted to do, seemingly since ‘Bound’, is make actual live action anime. If the Matrix movies are their version of ‘Ghost in the Shell’/’Akira’-style ‘philosophical’ sci-fi, and Speed Racer Read more

Sep 18

Even Rock himself has since disowned that bit, saying it gave WAY too many white people the idea that dropping the n-word was ok as long as they were talking about, you know, THOSE Black folks, as opposed to the ‘nice’ ones....