9:02 AM

Sorry, but those wheels speak to me of an owner who bought the car to be flashy - and that includes flashy hooning. 55 large? Not only no, but hell no. CP.

8:08 AM

$55 Large for this Anita Bryant Orange Bowl Parade Float? Plus the owner had to plaster AM badges on the dash to remind him what he was driving. Yes it’s in pretty good shape for its age, but if you bought it you would have to factor in enough $$ for paint to cover all the orange.  CP all the way to the Minute Made Read more

8:17 AM

These were almost inadequate when they were contemporary, now they are a great example of why the Big 3 nearly went out of business. The problem with automotive nostalgia is that we remember how crap these all were and the best that Detroit could say was the bumper sticker “Jobless? Hungry? Go eat your foriegn car” Read more

11:38 AM

That’s exactly what I thought as soon as I saw the headline.  Crack Pipe at any price.

10:25 AM

right strategy, wrong timing, bud. the best way to value out of this car is with fire, but BEFORE spending the first dollar ‘fixing’.

8:56 AM

I get where you’re coming from, but seriously, the Allroad is the WORST car made. Even my old B5 S4 could be considered more “reliable” in comparison to this. This is NOT the Audi you want. VW / Audi from this late 90s to early 2000s era were definitely worth the bitching.

8:56 AM

No don’t do it. I bought mine for $6k then had another $5k into it in parts. then after getting it back together the front AC pusher fan relay got stuck on and caught fire. insurance only gave me $4K.  

8:13 AM

These are a crack pipe at free. Hell, its still a bad deal if the seller offered to give you $2k to take it away. You cant work on them yourself (unless youre a masochist) and they break every time you even think about driving it. Worst car Audi has made in the past.....lifetime. Stay away. Far far away.

8:22 AM

Did you NP’rs not see the rust coming through the bondo under that canary yellow respray? This fishbowl is hiding a lot more of that I promise you, glorious Kenosha pot metal frisky with tinworm. Phuct not phat.