Mar 10 2019

I live in Jordan, and can confirm that Wadi Rum is amazing, especially at sunrise/sunset. Would also suggest a visit to Jerash... It doesn’t get the (completely warranted) press that Petra gets, but it’s a beautiful set of ruins that you can get close and personal with, without going too far out of your way from the Read more

Mar 8 2019

I effing loved this episode, and the “previously on Star Trek” at the beginning.  LOVED it.  

Feb 15 2019

While I was watching the episode last night, it occurred to me that we might be seeing the background for the Genesis Project. I’m not completely sure yet how they’ll bridge the technological gap between the Mycelial network and the Genesis Device, but I can’t shake the feeling this’ll all connect to Genesis by Read more

Jan 13 2019

That’s a pretty nice salary for 10 hour work. 

Jan 5 2019

He has no comic book counterpart and he’s gay. Countdown until he dies begins...now.

Nov 24 2018

Wy can't you watch a cool video without yelling at an imaginary enemy?

Nov 24 2018

For a real surreal experience, play this video with the theme from The Expanse playing in the background...

Nov 23 2018

That scene was actually genius. It finally put the weird back in Star Wars.

Nov 16 2018

I hoping they re-release the Christmas Paris level, little shocked it’s not there yet. They could also spruce up Whittleton Creek with the holidays. It would be perfect to continue their Home Alone theme from Paris.

Nov 16 2018

I am very impressed by the amount of content thrown into this game. At first I felt bummed that there were “only” the 6 or 7 missions, but then I tried to beat Columbia without saving for several hours on it’s own. It’s a lot to get through properly, especially if you turn off all of the hints and the x-ray vision. Read more

Nov 16 2018

Pretty sure it’s new levels but don’t quote me on that.

Nov 16 2018

I believe they’ve said that the two expansions will each include one entirely new map for each, plus additional missions, weapons/tools, and another sniper assassin map too. So I would wager that beyond a new location for each one, there might be a remix or two as well for existing maps.

Mar 12 2015

If it takes 60 hours to get a big reveal then the game is really unnecessarily padded.