Feb 25 2013

I just watched The Hunger Games movie and having not read the books, I have a question for anyone who knows more about the setting. Is it ever explained why in a world with futuristic tech like hoverships, building endless domes and holographic (but touchable) animals the people in the districts live like they're Read more

Jan 25 2013

Could someone who's in the SimCity beta try to make a city as dense as possible and show a pic of it? All of the press shots show very open, provincial cities. I want to know what a SC5 metropolis looks like.

Jan 20 2013

This was my favorite scene, visually, in The Walking Dead game. The lighting and composition manages to perfectly capture the feeling of despair, loneliness and everything else must've been feeling at this point.

Jan 18 2013

Shooting a padlock off a door is a FPS staple. What would happen IRL though? Any knowledgeable people out there that can tell me this?

Jul 22 2012

What would gaming look like if the N64 had been disc-based? Final Fantasy might've stayed with Nintendo (at least a little while longer), that's something that seems to be agreed upon online. But what would it look further out? How would the PlayStation have fared without the francises like Final Fantasy, that Read more