Leah Finnegan
Aug 28 2015

I too am curious about this. I read the book and thought it was a remarkable study of medical ethics in disaster zones. I also thought Fink did a good job portraying the doctors, nurses, patients and federal agents involved in the Memorial case as complex, three-dimensional beings faced with an unfathomable horror.

Aug 28 2015

You say that Fink got a lot wrong in her book, but you only mention the hospital name. what else did she get wrong? Genuinely curious (I read the book).

Jun 26 2015

My husband was the hospital when he was coming and when hospital security said, “Press alert... Jimmy Fallon is coming in with an injured hand” he thought they were speaking in code.

Jun 20 2015

It’s funny because no one ever talks about how men have daddy issues and there’s lots of them. But of course we’re supposed to believe that men can overcome anything and women are fragile messes if they don’t have a strong male figure in their life.

May 8 2015

Actually the opposite! It means that they felt secure enough to explore the world. So good job :)

May 8 2015

Text from my mom on my birthday: “Happy Birthday! It’s your mom btw. It’s not like you call or anything smh.” Read more

Apr 15 2015

Can I just say how much I’m enjoying the wrong crossword answers? For some reason, those get an audible giggle out of me every time. Read more

Jan 16 2015

The one we called "Lib Lad," an Ayn Rand acolyte, in the mid-90s. Total hate fuck. We shared a cigarette afterwards and swore never to speak of it again. I understand he won a Pulitzer at some point much later on.