May 21

My bad, I misread your reply. Yea I guess with Benghazi and Jack Ryan and A Quiet Place (“know your role woman and shut up!”), you could argue that it not so muuch in the closet.  However, I read somewhere he donates to Elizabeth Warren, so I think he tries to somewhat cover it up.

May 21

I think his point is that he’s not in the closet about being a Republican.

May 11 2020

That’s so lovely! I, too, have a daughter moment. After wanting to be a mom for many, many years, we adopted and I remember a night rocking my daughter in her room and she fell asleep on my shoulder (remember how you can tell they’re asleep because they suddenly become very heavy?!) and the moonlight was coming into Read more

May 7 2020

As with most California laws, all attempts to update it were voted down over concerns about property taxes.

Mar 12 2020

Every other democracy uses exit polls to verify the integrity of an election and if the exit polls don’t match the results...they redo the election. Read more

Mar 11 2020

Let it never be said that Bernie Sanders is anything but a narcissistic sociopath. 

Mar 3 2020

I discovered that on Twitter, if you suggest Bernie Sanders isn’t a 100% perfect human being, lunatics will yell at you. The same thing happens if you suggest Bernie Sanders isn’t a 100% flawed human being. Different lunatics, though.

It’s a cool website.

Feb 28 2020

Almost no one’s getting tested in the US, and making people pay almost $4k for their own test won’t help.  By the time we know much of anything it’ll be everywhere.  

Feb 28 2020

How else would people know it’s him? If he let it grow out, they’d be like, “Hey, Ethan Hawk!” and bug him about when the next “Before...” movie is coming out.

Feb 27 2020

Speaking of “Great Job Internet”, great job fucking up your layout on the home page. I hate it.
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Feb 26 2020

All I did was make a list of the key points from the man’s plan. I think you’re angry at the wrong person. 

Feb 25 2020

Fandom of everything is getting out of hand. Do I need a Green Bay Packers grill OR a Star Wars grill? can’t a grill just be a grill? 

Feb 21 2020

Allred’s daughter is pretty awful too, if she hadn’t been implicated in attempting to implicate victims and getting ahead of the story, she probably would be representing him now: Read more

Feb 19 2020

Wait, highest approval rating ever? His approval rating has never gone over 50%. Unless you mean *his* approval rating is higher than it has ever been.