Lara Emily
Jun 17 2015

thank you for explaining it without snark.

I can see similarities (like they feel they were born in the wrong bodies/skin) but similiar =/= same and I was trying to explain it to myself in ways beyond “just because” you did a much better job.

Jun 17 2015

Dear god thank you. This is the first time I’ve read this argument to the transracial debate or whatever it’s called. I have been wondering why nobody has been bringing up the main difference being choice.

Jun 16 2015

The parents say they came forward because they were interviewed as part of the investigation into the ‘hate crime.’

May 30 2015

saying no professor could ever coerce a student into drinking, which is patently bullshit. Read more

May 20 2015

Her secret twin who is actually the leads MOM, It wasn't the mom who was killed but her mom was the killer and went insane! So they like keep her in the basement or something. She also still acts like she is in college and seeing her daughter made her SNAP!

May 12 2015

Hawkeye is/was married in The Ultimates which is what the Avengers in the MCU is loosely based off of. The fact you three failed to realize that makes you lose all credibility and therefore deserving of needrage.

Apr 8 2015

Likely no, but the panel at WonderCon was extremely tight lipped about what happens after. It was almost like a 'wait and see how the fans react' kind of feeling... but that might have been wishful thinking on my part. Read more

Mar 14 2015

I'd be happy to collect all these digital cards IF Topps sent you an actual printed version once you completed a set. It gives you incentive to complete your sets (buy more packs) and allows Topps to print only full sets as needed. You get a tangible set without having a ton of filler cards. Win/win.

Feb 13 2015

Ultimately, Tortorella brought a reform-minded coaching style to the Canucks, but he couldn't ever get Daniel Sedin and Ryan Kesler to work together and buy into his system. Read more

Feb 2 2015

This is one of those lose-lose situations. Losing a bookstore is awful, but a 15-dollar hourly wage is crucial, especially in SF.

Jan 21 2015

The whole "steamroll the Colts" doesn't really matter. Obviously the Colts were going to lose and lose bad Sunday no matter what. However it would seem Belicheck and the Pats went outside the rules and took matters into their own hands in case the game was close. Any argument about it being a blow out has nothing Read more