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Cosby supporters in grey are as blind as he is. Read more

To sell yogurt and sweet white lies ;) Read more

How “irresponsible” to pull a potential abusers music. Because they are entitled to a label why?? Read more

Ben doesn’t want to work on themselves or make this right. The re-branding is more of a salvaging of the fan base who wasn’t immediately turned off by the accusations and the messy queens who just don’t care Read more

“There are vastly different pictures being painted depending on whether you just listen to the victim [...] versus if you put stock in the random rumors, which make Ben out to be a serial rapist who is just straight up assaulting people in public on the reg.” Read more

Sounds like a sketch written around wearing blackface. She must have really wanted an excuse to bust out the shoe polish Read more

She may be fine with a comedian using the k word in their work, but something tells me she wouldn’t be thrilled if she got yelled this on the street or if antisemitism casually made (/continues making) its way into daily lexicon. Read more

What is even the point if that sarah Silverman clip? What’s the joke? Unfunny racist. Read more

Of course you can question her nonexistent Blackness. You may question her purpleness too. Read more

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Interesting philosophical debate or scene from White Chicks?

“Jesus Christ, can this woman not catch a break?” Read more