12/18/20 7:29PM

My uncle and I have the same birthday. So we always get each other small gifts. When I was in college and had no money, I saw a 3 liter of store brand Dr Pepper called “Dr. Thunder” . We all laughed when he unwrapped it. Read more

11/20/20 11:27AM

After the OnlyFans debacle I can’t believe anyone at Jez, the “supposedly feminist website” would have anything to do with her. She knows exactly what she did, and the fact that she won’t talk about it is all the proof I’ll ever need of that. She has ruined lives.

11/19/20 5:40PM

I’m sorry, but what needy, privileged BS to be so put out and annoyed by someone who dares to want to get you something you’d like or use. My mom asks us this same stuff every year, every year I tell her she doesn’t need to get us anything, but she wants to give us a gift. She will choose herself if I don’t give her Read more

11/19/20 5:04PM

Yeah, I mean, I don’t NEED a lot of things but I have an amazon wishlist of stuff I could use (nice new sheets! a weighted blanket, a new frying pan). Read more

11/16/20 5:32PM

Holy hell, there’s a tidal wave of nostalgia. I’d pretty much completely forgotten about Chicken Boo, and it was one of my favourite segments.

11/16/20 2:54PM

I am mentally ill and have no problem whatsoever with these terms in the context of the show.
If someone calls me “crazy” because they found out I had a mental illness, that’s a different matter.

11/13/20 6:38PM

I’m guessing that neither you or your father are a multi-millionaire with access to on demand testing, experimental treatments and a personal physician should you require them. Read more

11/13/20 10:28AM

Someone has to start this one today, I suppose. I love Keanu and do not like to know that he, like apparently every other person with more money than sense, as well as a significant number of the rest of us, thinks that the rules only apply to those other people. Read more

11/12/20 10:52AM

Oddly enough, there have been cases where people have had cases of indecency and even one where there were children taken away from a parent, because of someone being naked inside their home and someone else saw them. Read more

11/12/20 8:49AM

It’s amazing the amount of people on Twitter who think the New Yorker is overreacting.

11/04/20 10:21AM

I get where you’re coming from, but what would you do differently? Time and time again, it’s been shown that a significant number of right-wing voters are completely inured to facts and rhetoric, preferring blatant lies and obvious falsehoods. How do you approach those people? How do you tell them, “You shouldn’t vote Read more

10/27/20 1:04PM

“And I find it fascinating that even people who don’t believe in ghosts gravitate toward stories about them. Read more

10/27/20 12:53PM

I think you done entered the “get off my lawn” phase of your life. Welcome! You’ll find that a lot of things on the internet are perplexing, and why them kids laughing at that. Get a job, ya damn hippies.

10/22/20 11:48PM

I have never hallucinated from grief and have never seen a ghost, so I believe your coworker just said good-bye.