Jun 29

Sorry, can’t take a comment about doing “more research” seriously when you clearly did not read my entire piece, lol!

May 21

It just seems like she could probably lighten up on it a bit. Like, I don’t know anyone who thinks she’s actually going to meet up with her Hell’s Angel boyfriend once she finishes her shift bartending at the VFW or whatever.

May 21

I don’t know why she insists on bringing up “authenticity” in every one of her rants. Like, sure, you could be your “authentic self”, but you clearly never have been. (Which is fine! Artists can have a persona! Just don’t try to claim that your obvious persona is actually your “authentic self”.)

May 20

I get the impression that Lorde might just be the tinyest bit full of herself. “I may dispense my genius upon the little people. I may not. But isn’t the mere anticipation of what I’ll do next enough to enrich your small lives beyond your wildest imaginings? Of course it is.

May 15

I really want to like this show but it’s just so...BAD. I keep watching it thinking it will somehow get better, but no. Every character seems to have the same mission which is to make life impossibly difficult for themselves and everyone around them. Argh

May 1

Can anyone tell me why the comments won’t load on most posts? It is hit or miss, mostly miss. If I disable cross-site tracking, they usually show up, but not always. I allowed dangerous sites in the preferences, but that still isn’t a guarantee that the comments will load. My current browser is Brave but I’ve tried it Read more

Apr 30

6 people live in my house, and while there are times that would be handy (holidays, etc.), it would mostly just be the cause of even more stress. “No, THAT one is clean and the OTHER one is dirty. How are both dishwashers half-full of dirty dishes? Now I have to move dirty dishes just so we can run one full load. Read more

Apr 30

I think they were trying to be bad, too!!!! I’m so excited to find someone who agrees with me on this point. 

Apr 30

Big fan of Brandy and this column from the Outline days, looking forward to reading it here.

Apr 10

I feel this in my soul. We refer to our neighbor as leaf blower man. I am convinced that leaf blowers are completely useless, a tool designed to burn fossil fuels and get men out of doing any meaningful second shift work. 

Apr 9

They have ONE kid!! And Justin, for some of us normies parenting 24/7 is our every day. 

Apr 7

I really love the mental image of Ivanka making two maids lift her up while she pretends to do a pull up and then being so proud of herself for what she accomplished.

Apr 3

That’s cute! Your childhood memory reminds me of one of the stories in a Beverly Cleary book, when Ramona squeezes an entire tube of toothpaste into the sink: Read more

Apr 2

Should we tell these people that occasionally it seems to be an overactive immune system that is hurting covid patients? A cytokine storm, similar to what happens in sepsis.
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Apr 1

CNN ran a story about a man who might die without his scheduled living donor liver transplant because, while his surgery is medically necessary, the surgery to obtain part of his uncle’s liver is not. Our society and health care system is facing many, many difficult choices. IVF is not high priority, IMO. You may not Read more

Apr 1

Yeah, sorry, cry me a river but your fertility treatments are not a right, having children is not a right (unless you can naturally conceive them), and yeah it sucks if as a result of the pandemic some people might miss their window for fertility treatments but right now the focus is on postponing all non-emergency Read more

Mar 29

Affleck and De Armas are really well dressed for that pap walk. I wonder if they are represented by the same people. De Armas’ career was just taking off when we all had to go inside. I’m thinking this is just a ploy to keep her name out there. It’s not a bad idea 🤷🏾‍♀️
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