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6:46 PM

Why does Joe Biden starting a podcast need snarky comment? If you don’t have anything interesting to say, can you just shut the fuck up already?

6:43 PM

“And now that he has a studio set up in his home, there’s no excuse for Biden to hide from the American people nor his role as assumed Democratic nominee for president.” Read more

5:51 PM

Where might I find this Jarrett Smith? I'd like to ask him a few questions. With a lead pipe. And a blowtorch. Just a friendly talk, veteran to shitstain.

7:30 PM

Perednia insisted that people who recover could receive a “certified clean bill of immunity” and “move freely, work anywhere, and be freed from social distancing.” Read more

3:20 PM

Y’all, if you’re lip balm obsessed (like me) and find that they wear off too quickly, try a lanolin-based nipple cream. I started putting it on my lips out of laziness/necessity when I was trapped under a nursing/sleeping baby, and many years later, buy it solely for that purpose. It lasts forever—really stays on your Read more

11:54 AM

I have one can of Lysol and on jug of Clorox wipes and I only use those if my daughter or I get sick. They are both running low because I figured I could always go out and get more. Well, now I can’t get more so I have to hope this gets me through everything. Read more

10:57 AM

I have no issues with Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard owning a building and I think they’re being really good landlords by not charging rent for April. It’s decent and I wish my apartment complex would do the same. Read more

8:52 PM

A lot of people use the green cleaners. Which are not rated to kill coronavirii. So they need new cleaning agents. 

6:54 PM

Only certain cleaners qualify as disinfectants and we’re all presumably using them a lot more now than we previously did.

6:01 PM

People are being told to clean more often and more thoroughly than before. The other reason is hoarding.  Folks are worried that if they dont stock up now, the items wont be available later due to hoarders (which in turn they are doing themselves) 

1:16 AM

The Democratic Party is, of course, not all bad.” The Sanders campaign is about disruption. Disruption is powerful when deployed effectively, however, Sanders misunderstood the mood of the electorate especially black voters whose existential dread has been laid bare in the age of Trump. Hiring a spox who mocks those

1:10 AM

She hasn’t just been silent, which would have been bad enough.  But she’s been complicit and often the leader of really nasty attacks on other candidates in the race.

6:24 PM

This the same Briahna Joy Gray who claimed on Twitter that Biden was encouraging a genocide? The same Briahna Joy Gray who, without proof, suggested that Democratic Senators were engaged in the exact same kind of COVID-19 insider trading as their GOP counterparts? THAT Briahna Joy Gray? Because that Briahna Joy Gray Read more

4:07 PM

“When a candidate doesn’t speak to the essence of a key voting block, there is very little someone like Gray can do about it.” Read more

12:12 PM

You wish the movie would have let the audience decide whether to believe an abuse victim or not? You wish it would have reveled in the ambiguity of whether the female protagonist was crazy and paranoid or being haunted/abused/targeted by a conspiracy, as countless other movies have done? Go watch Unsane, I guess. Read more