Apr 5 2018

I was also briefly in a fraternity around that time and I agree with you. Fraternities, in general, are very problematic for sure, and there was definitely hazing, but it was never anything beyond ‘Here, chug this beer. I’ll chug one too’ and ‘Clean my bathroom then I’ll take you out for a beer.” I can’t say for sure Read more

Mar 21 2018

I thought I read somewhere that unrelated children who spend large amounts of time together tend to build the same mental barrier that prevents you from being attracted to your sibling. Or something like that.

Feb 14 2018

God damn it. I didn’t know about this. I let me 11-year old son stay up late to watch him win gold and my child was moved to tears when White won. This really takes the shine off of a fun memory. Thanks, Bro. Read more