Oct 10 2019

My family have stories too. In WWI a relative saw her son appear at the foot of her bed the night he was killed overseas. My Great great aunt Mamie was a witch and a good psychic..read the cards and people came to her from all over..which I am also very good at and have done for people for years.
Then we have the Read more

Sep 30 2019

Quakerbridge!! The old stomping grounds. It will survive an atomic blast and emerge unchanged, I’m convinced of it. Only the names of the stores change as time goes by.

Sep 27 2019

I would have literally gotten paid to go to Rutgers. I didn’t and went to a private school I’m still paying for to get a degree I don’t (can’t, in some ways) even use. Can confirm I am an idiot.

Sep 27 2019

Because Havhad is a diploma mill for well connected mediocre ticket punching dickbags and intelligent social climbers grasping to remain in/join the 1%.

Sep 19 2019

Fields, supposedly. And yes, they would. My aging pancreatic barfing cat would make a better president than our current one.

Sep 19 2019

True, although Goebbels may be the closer resemblance, both physically and philosophically. Center of pic in trenchcoat:

Aug 10 2019

The civil rights attorney who has some of his victims as clients is asking the estate to freeze the assets.

Aug 7 2019

This will sound pedantic, but Banting didn’t invent insulin, he along with others discovered the hormone and its effect on the body, and came up with a process for extracting animal insulin from dog, cow, and pig pancreases. Read more

Jun 14 2019

Trump is pretty much everyone’s nightmare everything. He is literally the worst everything. President, father, businessman, husband, employer, human being, ad infinitum. What is he not a nightmare at?

Jun 13 2019

Worth noting moron actually put "Whales" before it was correctrd. (As in 'Prince of.'