Kiona Smith-Strickland
Nov 19 2015

But he did play a big role in laying the legal and doctrinal groundwork for the trials in his writings and sermons, and he wrote quite enthusiastically about their progress in his diary and letters.

Nov 18 2015

No, this whole thing is really an alternate-history time-travel story... Really, though, thanks for catching that! :)

Aug 16 2015

Here’s the thing: there’s no scientific controversy around those topics. Politicians and the general public still like to argue, but the facts are well established. So it’s worth knowing that the political controversy sneaks into articles that should be about scientific fact.

Jul 30 2015

Make sure to check the system requirements, but mine’s a 2010 iBuyPower laptop, also not a touchscreen, and it’s running fine so far.

Jul 29 2015

My laptop actually doesn’t have a touchscreen. Windows 10 is very mouse-friendly. You can switch to a more touchscreen-friendly Tablet Mode, but of course I haven’t done that on the laptop, because that would be silly.

Jul 29 2015

Yours has a stem? Mine is just the circle. The old one was a magnifying glass, but this one is missing its handle.

Jul 29 2015

It’s less immediately recognizeable as a magnifying glass since this version shows up without the handle. It actually keeps throwing me off, because I look for the old magnifying glass and have to remind myself that it’s now just a circle. Which is interesting, because iconography tends to become more abstract over Read more

Jul 24 2015

I am right there with you on the high-level math. There’s a lot of awesome stuff going on in computer information, though, and some of it intersects with meteorology in cool ways.