Eye Of The Schweinstiger
11:57 AM

She may have the combination of most beautiful face and disgusting hand in the world.  Her face is that of an angel. Her hands are that of a coal miner.

4:59 PM

If Drew is running a seven minute mile I’d bet he could outrun most offensive lineman and a lot of MLB pitchers, catchers and DH’s.    Probably Boban too.

5:53 PM

I agree but they tried to make him look like him with the hair style and clothes.  I kept waiting for them to show us how he got those scars.

3:02 PM

There are so many plot holes in this movie. Main ones being how does he end up back with his mom if she’s institutionalized and he was getting abused under her care? How does he have no memory of that? How is it that only two cops are looking for him and nobody picks up the slack after that? How are these rioters Read more

11:06 AM

Biggest problem for me were the things that didn’t make sense.  Does he have no memory of his childhood? How did his mother get custody back?  If that all happened to him, he should have been an orphan. The only explanation that makes sense is that most/all of it was his fantasy and he was in Arkham the whole time but Read more

10:42 AM

The only thing I disagree with on this is the Nolan take. I viewed it as a Heath Ledger Joker story because they made him look like him. But one of the things I liked about the Nolan Joker was that he was viewed as having come out of nowhere, nobody knew who he was, etc. I was kind of expecting the origin story to Read more

4:54 PM

I feel her bio should lead with this in these articles, not that she was in a movie 24 years ago. Also, this is her 4th marriage and presumably will be her 4th divorce.  #familyvalues

3:48 PM

Much greater chance he ends up in Anaheim with an owner who loves him or San Diego because it’s San Diego and much like with the Cubs he’d be catching them on the up swing.

1:42 PM

And beyond your joke, it’s also probable that the campus would seem deserted if people were inside those arenas and not walking around when McQueary stepped outside.

10:38 AM

Is Tua even that much of a sure thing that he’s worth tanking for?  I’d get it for the Clemson kid in a year I guess, but Tua seems to be, like all recent Alabama QB’s, the beneficiary of amazing players around him.

1:30 PM

I would seriously like to hear the first officer’s justification for not shooting him.  He looked like he was going to take the cop’s gun and then he attacked a civilian.

11:42 AM

Ironically, he and others get cancer from all of the pollutants that are allowed to be dumped in to our water