KristenfromMA - A Moon Shaped Fool
Thursday 1:11PM

It’s worth clicking on that NY Post link to see the pictures of Jeffree Star’s mansion. Is his makeup line that successful or does all that money come from YouTube advertising dollars? Insane wealth, insanely tacky. Also weren’t there rumors about him and Kanye at some point? And now Jeffree’s moving to....Wyoming? Read more

Thursday 11:21AM

He’s trying to date someone with his maturity level would be my guess.

Thursday 11:13AM

You’re not alone. Even searching for comments sometimes I can’t see the replies. If I click my own comment, it won’t go right to it. It will go to the page it’s on.

Tuesday 10:29PM

Sorry to the romantics, but I suspect this relationship is all for show.

6/09/21 9:33PM

I wonder how much of the problems that have happened in that family were fueled by palace staff who were pissed that a woman came in who wasn’t submissive twards them (although they seem to have done this with the other women in the family).  That’s what Harry was saying when he said that he’d planned on seeing his Read more

6/09/21 6:37PM

The Yorks are just thrilled to have a distraction. 

6/09/21 12:13PM

It seems less like they asked ‘The Queen’ and more that they asked Granny if she would be okay with them naming the baby after her. The palace flunkies seem to think that they should have asked The Queen, instead of a grandson asking his grandmother.

6/09/21 11:48AM

For me "Royals expert" is synonymous with "racist". I mean, obviously, but they're truly out in the press being disgusting and racist and acting aghast when they get called on it.

6/09/21 11:37AM

This is a very definitive answer. Thank you. 

6/03/21 6:52AM

“Among the harrowing accusations is that she would show up late to set. Read more

6/02/21 2:40PM

Its value doesn’t have anything to do with bringing money in. There is more value in life than just monetary value.

5/27/21 2:09PM

Whatever visual Lea was going for is overshadowed by the fact she looks like she has a posture problem or a medical problem or she doesn’t know how to stand upright. Read more

5/27/21 1:27PM

I remember when Sarah Hyland made fun of Lea for the way she poses on the red carpet. Sarah was on with Joan Rivers after an award show and she demonstrated how if you stand with your shoulders hunched forward it makes you look thinner or something.