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They looked different, had some briefly, more exciting color combinations, and were otherwise a reliable Japanese roadster, with some Italian character. I bought a ND Miata one day after the NF 124Abarth I sought to buy was sold and no more were headed to our area (with a manual) for three months. The ND was the more Read more

Woah, woah, WOAH! Stop the presses. What the hell is that magnificent creature in the background?!

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Congratulations Lawrence! I look forward to November bringing less political advertising, and more fresh writing from the new Jalopnik additions.

Nothing wrong with a Sonata, at all; I have an oddly personal appreciation for them. Back in the early days of my career, we were broke-ass, with one car that rarely ran, and

There is no guarantee scale will fix the issue, especially as the resources acting as major contributors to the increased cost are in contention. Read more

When anyone asks why it takes so long for ANY automaker to bring an EV to market — Tesla is totally owning those old codgers!

The whole world seems to forget racism is not ‘hateful behaviors toward black people, solely for being black’, as that is an incomplete definition. — It is ‘hateful behaviors toward any race, from any other race, solely for being a different race’. The Root, openly-promotes racism toward white people, from black Read more

The rampant racism of The Root can only serve to accelerate the spiral for the readership, while the fantastic content of Jason T, Andrew C, and David T is further obfuscated by pop-up advertisements and slideshows.

We’ve already lost some great contributors to the decline of Jalopnik (Kristen), how much longer can Read more

It’s true, even as dated as the Charger is, it still feels refreshing in a market full of “what’s hot styling”. The FIAT 500 has an abysmal interior, but the driving experience and overall styling are fantastic. It is a shame the US doesn’t love small cars more as it is truly a great way to drive in many conditions.

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To expand on this since I was on my phone when I typed it — the SkyActiv-D is just a terrible business proposition. Initially I thought so in the US, but quickly it is becoming a bad idea the world over, thanks to VW getting caught doing what (likely) many other brands were up to as well. Read more

Eh, it’s more generic and safe, but does look good for a crossover...

... I actually like the CH-R, because Toyota took a chance, and damnit we made fun of them for two decades for not taking chances. They took one and it turned out looking like a kawaii Gundam, and I am proud of the effort, and even kinda like the

It’s a cool hatch on account of the nice exterior design and wonderful interior, boasting decent fuel economy and a potent engine, but it isn’t boiling blood or drawing love and admiration.

I am a Mazda apologist by many accounts, but this isn’t a Mazdaspeed replacement, or a GTI competitor. Mazda’s leadership has Read more

Calling it now, it is Ken Block and his next silly-fast dritmobile, the Hoonivolt. Read more

Neither are bad, the are merely human. Read more

Looks pretty awesome. I’d love to know how they achieved the finish on the metal inserts. I know they called it ‘diamond etching’ but is it just fancy laser etching? Read more

We all say dumb shit, it is one of the most human things there is, this side of pooping in a toilet or leaving a 4-star review on Yelp — Often times either fueled by emotion, reaction, or alcohol. Read more

I had a 16' in Soul Red.

It is because Ford treated it like every other product in their portfolio, and didn’t treat it like a Mustang. An ever so slight hint that even Ford knows that the Mach-E isn’t a Mustang. Read more

My left Joy-Con suffers rare drift, and as of last week, the press-to-click option outright failed. I rarely use my Joy-Cons in the first place as I have a Pro Controller, but for the relatively low mileage on them, I’m a bit disappointed. Hoping the design improves as I WANT to buy another set, but am hoping the next Read more