Feb 25 2016

Neutral: In an era where people are still returning laptops and tablets to Best Buy because “it won’t get to AOL” or “it doesn’t have a CD slot” (both things I heard just this past week waiting in line to pick up a pre-ordered game), and refusing to accept the voluntary guidance and help of people half their age who Read more

Feb 10 2016

So this dude’s wife has been pressuring him to get rid of some of his bikes.
“Ok, ok. I’ll put it on Craigslist.” he says. He doesn’t want to sell it but he has to do something so he takes some great pictures and even writes up a glowing ad to go with it. He looks up what others of this model are selling for, doubles Read more

Feb 5 2016

you're whats wrong with this country

Jan 29 2016

Worst car I ever owned was a 2011 VW GTI. Had it for less than 6 months before I sold it. It had fewer problems than yours within that timeframe, but nonetheless, I wanted nothing more to do with it.

Jan 28 2016

Steve, you don’t believe me when I tell you that Fastback Mustang shell rotting out in the back 40 has no floor because it was a rare factory R code racer with a 4 cam indy engine, they only mad 2 and this is the last one. I $100,000 for the shell it will be worth millions fixed up Mr. Barrett Jackson told me so Read more

Jan 26 2016

It’s your civic duty to have an accord with these animals. It doesn’t take a crosstour genius to know how they fit into the Veritable Tapestry of Environmental Concerns.
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Jan 12 2016

A fine sham-pag-na

Jan 6 2016

I think the problem too is the car fleet you would generally have to maintain or rentals you would have to comp for your client base. It’s not like they’re going to rent the customers a Toyota Corolla for $150 a week from Hertz while their Vanquish is in the shop.
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Dec 25 2015

Undoubtedly headed to the San Francisco Golf Club, whose members employ the hoi polloi at the Olympic Club.

Dec 18 2015

I suddenly want to write Brian Cooley a scathing email. Asking him existential questions such as “How do you Live with yourself?” What an asshole. I hope hes no longer an automotive journalist.

Dec 17 2015

Replacing a broken axle. No I know that fixing something broken might not seem pointless to many, but I had chosen to replace the broken axle with a refurbished axle from Auto Zone. The new axle broke at the CV joint accelerating up the freeway on ramp on the test drive. It lasted all of 3 min and an 1/8th mile of Read more

Nov 27 2015

Theyre legally allowed to station 15000 troops in the crimea, something western media has chosen to overlook.. Read more

Nov 19 2015

Maybe these craiglisters are lucky David Tracy didn’t rob/rape/murder THEM?! Eh? Oh noes craigslist fears! Yes, I’m completely convinced that for everyone who makes a trip like Dave there are HUNDREDS MORE who are never heard from again. Literally! HUNDREDS!! He is so lucky he was the 1% of individuals who do not get Read more

Oct 23 2015

Sorry dude, the only good looking C4 was the one roadkill built.

Oct 23 2015

Hi my name is LionZoo. I really like washing machines. I own four of them. One of them, a typical Kenmore, is for normal washes, while another one I’ve modded to be optimized for a quick wash. In fact, I installed all the mods myself! I also have a vintage washing machine from the 1950s that I’ve spent years restoring Read more

Oct 23 2015

Agreed. Having sold Toyotas for years, it convinced me that these people were meant for Camrys, Avalons and Priuseseses. Read more

Jun 30 2015

The only instruction I think they reliably follow is transmission requests. When I worked at a publication that had several reviewers, we had a couple of writers, specializing in family cars, who didn’t know stick. A manufacturer once accidentally delivered a stick, and went out of their way to fix that as soon as Read more