Hopefully this gets the “KOTAKU DOESN’T KNOW ABOUT MOBILE GAMES” crowd off your backs. Read more

He followed this statement up with a video on July 23. In the Twitter video, he explained that devs at Blizzard shouldn’t be harassed by players online over the details of the lawsuit. He also said it wasn’t fair for people to ask streamers who only played World of Warcraft to stop playing the game. Read more

You reminded me of one of Andy Dick’s lines in that episode, the Prometheus was so cutting edge that only four people were capable of running it, and it seemed a good deal larger than this new ship.

A chimpanzee and two trainees could run her.”

Boimler fanboying over Tom Paris ... man that’s just on-brand. 

To be fair... In Star Trek there is at least precedence for that. Give the computer enough control and all you need to do is tell it what you want.

Makes sense that after years of depending on the Doctor, Janeway would agree on lending her knowledge and image to becoming a command training hologram herself.

OK, that tease of the vice admiral was painfully well done. This show looks promising!

Well, I could say you have a weird bone to pick when there are more egregious but less obvious wastes of water all over the place, but the answer to what any of us should do here remains the same: Read more

I think that’s a trap of a thought, though. Shyamalan does have his talents and it sounds like he’s really leveraged them here.

Herb’s marketing team has been blatantly at odds with the bloggers for a very long time.

Nick Fuentes is the sort of man that “Thrashed within an inch of his life” was invented for.

The original context is that you can sign up for the critically acclaimed MMO Final Fantasy 14 today, and enjoy a free trial up to level 60 with the first expansion Heavensward included! Read more

I fucking wish. Then I could get paid every time I tell people about Final Fantasy IVX with it having a free trial, and includes the entirety of A Realm Reborn AND the award-winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 with no restrictions on playtime? Sign up, and enjoy Eorzea today!

Can I offer you 140,000 nice eggs in this trying time?

We are living in the stupidest timeline...ever.