Kondataa Menkana
Jan 11 2019

I’m confused- if semen is so great for women, why are chodes like this always telling us to keep our legs closed? Read more

Jul 7 2018

Harriot probably assumed that most people were familiar with the story. I don’t know. As for question 2, I’m not American, but I’ll ballpark it. Read more

Jun 20 2018

Public officials can’t really be doxxed. Sorry. Kinda like saying “Don’t let people know how to contact Hitler. That’s a bad thing to do”. You should engage these political figures. ASAP

May 14 2018

That’s impressive, but Michael Jordan averaged 0.1 more retained facts per game during the ‘90-’91 season, and that was with fact-checking and hand-checking

Apr 29 2018

After the season is over is a shitty time to start being defensive minded, Melo.