Jul 1

Masks are a great time saver. Think about how much time you’d waste trying to figure out if a random person was a selfish asshole or not. You’d have to talk to them, interact with them. Now it’s easy! You see someone walking in an enclosed public area with no mask, and you know! That person is a piece of shit! It Read more

Jun 30

It doesn’t need to fit snugly for the ‘disrupting your breath droplets from traveling’ purposes. It won’t protect you, but a cloth mask wasn’t going to do that anyway.

Jun 30

“Useless”? Facial hair will certainly reduce the effectiveness of any mask. But something is always better than nothing. Don’t forget, the effectiveness of any mask is measured by the size of the particles it will let through. So even if it were to become an “N10" that beats nothing. Another example would be the Read more

Jun 30

I’ve worn a mask alone in a car. It’s not about protection during the car ride, it’s about not handling the mask so much. Put it on once at home after washing your hands, go out and do what you need to do, and take it off when you get home and have washed your hands. Pretty simple.

Jun 30

I see single drivers while wearing a mask, too. I like to think that they are running multiple necessary errands and choosing to leave the mask on rather than take it on and off each time they get in and out of the car (and the more you handle the mask to take it on and off, the more likely you are to spread Read more

Jun 19

Seriously, cancel culture is getting way out of hand. You can’t even slowly murder people in broad daylight with your hands in your pockets anymore!

Jun 19

I found the alt-right 17-year old snowflake I was playing with yesterday, probably got radicalized on the YaTubes using mommy and daddy's internet connection 

Jun 12

actually, they are. I’m in the northeast, and the walmarts in the area has completely stopped social distancing. people are still wearing masks, but it’s still a petri dish in there. Have you seen the videos of the casinos in vegas? they’re even worse. no masks, just hand sanitizer. Maybe. If the virus isn’t the death Read more

Jun 12

It’s a given there will be an increase because of the protests, however, most protestors are wearing masks, so we don’t and can’t know until later, how much the increase will be. Read more

Jun 12

I’ve stopped following positive tests for just the reason you state and started following hospitalizations, ICU admissions, and deaths. They should not be nearly as dependent on more widespread testing. They are a much better measure of how dangerous it is because the biggest danger remains overloading the health Read more

Jun 12

Not just February. He’s still blaming the lack of Federal response on Obama with all the “the cupboards were bare!” bullshit. Read more

Jun 12

I saw someone on Twitter put it like this: we shut off the water to fix a broken pipe, but now we are turning the water back on without bothering to actually fix the pipe. Read more

Jun 12

This is your regular reminder that planning and organization in the leadup to this, when we all could see what was coming, likely would have mitigated the effects, at least of the shutdowns if not the disease itself. Particularly with the executive branch of the federal government, which in all but the most Read more

Jun 5

I’ve spent a few evenings watching a white journalist reporting from Portland, OR, saw him teargassed a few times but it never had me worried for his safety. Last night I saw Michael Harriot’s tweet that he’d been arrested, and I was more worried about a stranger than I’ve ever been. It was a relief to see Read more

Jun 4

Don’t forget reframing asking police to report bad actors not as ratting out your friends but as an extension of the “protect and serve” ethos.

Jun 4

I think some kind of deeper and more regular psychological testing for any field/beat officers and detectives would be good for everyone. Reducing the stigma of burnout or PTSD if someone needs a change in role. Weeding out people with chips on their shoulders (there are lots of psych tests already developed for Read more