Koda Kazar
May 22

I should start watching Kakushigoto. It looked interesting at the beginning, but I figured I’d wait to see if it made the season’s List. Read more

Jan 16

You just gotta accept that Sakurai’s 3 favorite game series are Street Fighter, King of Fighters, and Fire Emblem.

Jan 9

To be fair, the 200 Pokémon will be added to the game in a free update. They won’t be catchable, but if you have Home or someone willing to trade with you you can still use them.

Dec 29

Just a heads up: If you get shitty or mean in these comments I’ll remove them. Go be an asshole somewhere else. 

Dec 13

It’s x1 controller wide and x3 controllers high , it’s not that big.  

Dec 12

“I left a series of Xbox Series X boxes at my serious ex’s (Sirius) boxing series one time.”

That’s a real sentence now, thanks to microsoft.

Oct 20 2019

This is one of the most incomprehensible things I have ever read. Do you have to be a member of the incel cinematic universe to understand this gibberish?

Oct 20 2019

The Tulsa Race Massacre should be covered in middle or high school. Just an unreal part of American history that gets largely ignored.
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Sep 30 2019

I agree. Online games can be a great way to keep in touch, get to know, or just have good fun with other people. I very much enjoyed my Team in 3v3 Starcraft 2 back in the day. We never met but we kicked some serious virtual ass and helped each other through some hard times. Read more

Sep 3 2019

Thanks for the suggestions. Sadly I’m a sucker for Isekai anime and picked up the 4 Isekai of the season. Sadly none of them are good, yet I keep watching them because I’m a sucker.
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Aug 15 2019

I watched this show about a week ago and I just have a two episodes left and it’s immediately one of my favorite shows. Bocchi’s quest to make friends warmed my heart and the slice of life-ish story telling is 100% my thing. What can I say, I can not help but want to root for Bocchi and hope she succeeds... or learn a

Aug 14 2019

An interesting take. When is an OP curse Shield not just an OP curse Shield?