11/16/15 7:26PM

Another great one Nathan. But here is the truth.

Rousey was a great champion in terms of fighting in the cage and promotion, she was a terrible champion because she was disrespectful to almost everyone she fought. Rousey was and still is a bitch. No,I do not know her personally, and I don’t know how sweet she can be Read more

11/16/15 6:30PM

None of the commenters in this thread are ‘mine’. I mean sure, I could get offended by what you said, but you are of a mindset that would be rather fruitless to argue with. I ain’t got the time for no homophobes, gnome sane

11/16/15 4:56PM

Thanks to you I am now having approximately 700% more buttsex than this time last year. Your wisdom is not to be trifled with.

11/16/15 4:54PM

It’s okay Kobra. This apparently computerized-man is kiiiiinda nuts.

11/16/15 12:11PM

“technical noise” I guess my enjoyment of her playing isn’t valid then. Isn’t the point of a drum solo video like that purely to show off? I’m sure if she was playing in a band she wouldn’t pull a lot of those patterns out of nowhere.

11/16/15 10:31AM

I always love this comment, usually from the musician or ‘music lover’ that is always offended, threatened by a technically skilled individual. For what reason? I’ll never know. I, for one, am always humbled to find new developing talent that at their age, are outperforming me with 10+ years on them. Read more

11/16/15 10:22AM

I can’t be the only one who immediately thought of this.

11/16/15 9:46AM

It’s a joke? The whole thing couldn’t be gayer. The first shot after the warning is a man’s biceps.

11/16/15 9:34AM

This is how the Sailormoon reboot should have looked like. XD
Complete with the “no homo” warning at the beginning of each episode.

11/16/15 9:09AM

I’m a drummer too...I always come in skeptical to videos like this. But I was impressed. I’m not impressed by your comment though, and I doubt you can lay down a better groove than she does. I’m sure if she decides not to go all technical it’s still groovier than you.

11/16/15 8:27AM

*Watches videos available in his country, is impressed at solo improv skills! Scrolls down to read nasty comments from people judging overall skill from 1 improv session obviously done to show hand control and syncopation. Not to “put down a groove”/people saying she’s only featured cos of the reproductive organs she Read more

11/16/15 7:45AM

I think the warning in the beginning of the video is supposed to be a joke. Sailor Moon is a gay icon. the whole video couldn’t be more gay, then there’s Madonna’s La Isla Bonita incidental lyrics, and at the very end you can see them performing on a stage at what looks like a gay club, with male dancers that are far Read more