2/16/16 1:11PM

Supreme Court ties on appeals uphold the lower court opinion until another justice is affirmed and the re-argued for a decision. The USSC only has original jurisdiction on a limited number of cases (water rights, disputes between states). So any affected cases would essentially be temporarily affirmed until and if the Read more

2/16/16 10:37AM

You’re going to turn out the vote of young people and minorities over a SCOTUS appointment ? LOL!!! Good luck with that.

2/06/16 3:57PM

True enough. I thought I remembered Warren outright giving her endorsement to Sanders, but I’m wrong. There’s certainly no love lost between Warren and Clinton, and Warren has defended Sanders on his actions more than once. Read more

2/06/16 3:49PM

I’ve tried to make this argument before and peoel have accused me of “no true Scotsman”. Read more

2/06/16 3:34PM

As much as I’d like a women president just so that society could start getting over seeing a women in charge as a threat, I appreciate that we should elect the best option, not the only option. Read more

2/06/16 3:32PM

I’m for Bernie because I am a Liberal/Progressive. Hillary’s not. Understatements are us.

2/06/16 3:27PM

The dumbest line I‘ve heard so far is “vote for Hillary if you want to see a female president in your lifetime” Read more

2/06/16 3:19PM

Pretty horrible, but sums up what many Hilary supporters believe. Somehow because I’m a woman I should be voting for Hilary because she’s one as well. Or I’m sexist because I don’t vote for Hilary. Everyone wants to talk about BernieBros, but Clinton supporters are just as bad (if not worse) when it comes to these Read more

2/06/16 2:33PM

I walked around for 20 years with a sinus infection that I thought was allergies. None of the allergy tests caught it, and antibiotics didn’t help. Perhaps it was a viral infection like herpes cold sores except in my sinuses. When I finally started irrigating my sinuses with salt water, after about 3 months of Read more

2/06/16 12:21PM

My allergy is unfortunately something in my work office. And despite telling my employer repeatedly about this and submitting a mountain of anecdotal evidence (i.e. “Did you notice how I never sneeze on those days where I work remotely? Or that entire week where I was on a different floor? And yet as soon as I step Read more

2/03/16 1:56PM

One big note “As such, your first 30-day delinquency on a bill can really cost you” Read more

2/03/16 12:54PM

If your credit score is so important to you, also do not pay off your balances in full. But let them linger, banks and credit reporting LOVE that more than someone that charges $4500 and pays it off in 2 payments. Stretch that to 12 payments and your credit score goes way up. so if you are planning on buying a home in Read more

2/03/16 12:17PM

i, too, sing the praises of the pyrex storage dishes. spent so many years using terrible plastic tupperware junk, bought a couple of 18-pc sets (all round bowls in various sizes). glass is so much better than plastic it’s incredible. so much easier to clean and no weird smells that linger forever.

i, too, sing the praises of the pyrex storage dishes. spent so many years using terrible plastic tupperware junk,

2/02/16 10:27PM

That language is nonsense garbage. An NFL broadcast is subject to U.S. copyright law, period.

2/02/16 11:58AM

As a Florida native, fuck mosquitoes. You have to plan entire outdoor events around them sometimes. I remember growing up that entire events or sport seasons got canceled because of fears of West Nile virus. And I really really don’t get the whole “well they are just doing what they do as animals. It’s not their Read more

2/01/16 3:10PM

That’s the opener from season 1 when they had very few snippets to choose from. Archer copied the later seasons opener.

1/31/16 6:52PM

Good thing that social media doesn’t decide innocence or guilt. RATIONAL people are upset because he didn’t get a fair trial.