Apr 23 2019

People that think like that drive me nuts. I’m 39 and have paid off my student loans. It sucked, and of course I would have preferred to spend that money on other things. But I don’t want the next generation to have to go into debt simply because I did. If everyone thought that way, society would never progress even Read more

Mar 12 2019

I’m still waiting for the reaction from Fox News about the cuts to Medicare that Trump proposed in his budget. That might actually peel some of these on-the-fence MAGA-heads away from their Fox News coma. Man, if i was in the War Room for the DNC, would I have fun with this one: Read more

Mar 11 2019

Petit wasn’t undone by a navigational mishap [BAD INJURY LUCK] this year; instead, his dogs [THE PLAYERS] got too pissed off at each other to run [WIN GAMES]. He told Iditarod Insider [The Athletic] in an interview that things started to break down when one of his dogs [PLAYERS], Joey, took a bathroom break [DURING A Read more

Mar 11 2019

Man’s Meatless Mexican Meal Mandates Maximum Malicious Mischief

Mar 6 2019

I think you’re right about everything except this particular interview. Because in this particular interview, we’re all laughing at this stupid motherfucker for trying to cry his way outta this shit. And applauding Gayle for not giving him any applause for his acting performance.

Mar 4 2019

“Have just as much influence” means “earn more money than you can grift in public service,” right?

Mar 4 2019

I’m sure he’ll come up with some anemic defense.

Mar 4 2019

Toronto doesn’t really count as canada, though. It’s more like a bit of new jersey broke off and landed in Ontario.

Mar 4 2019

You all realize people stole shit too right?

Mar 4 2019

Since we have taken it down we have received the same number of calls and many many negative emails. Read more