Oct 8

Fascinating. I remember only a passing familiarity with the idea of the Snapewives, I kept my distance because some corners of fandom I know I’m best off avoiding, and just from a name like that they’re clearly taking things too seriously for me. But I remember Harry Potter fandom in general as kind of a shitshow. Read more

Sep 3

As someone who would have lost a baby and indeed could have died in childbirth if not for access to a C-section, what the fuck ever. Abortion is fourteen times safer than childbirth and Ted Cruz needs to get the shit slapped out of his stupid face.

Mar 17

That was a RIDE. God damn. I’m glad you made it out the other side. She sounds like hell on fire.

Feb 19

Same. Klobuchar strikes me as alarmingly smarmy. Like, taking it to a whole new level of Democratic-side smarmy. Orange dictator levels of smarmy.

Feb 15

Not good, are you kidding? That sounds beyond amazing. Heath bar crumbles make all dessert things better.

Nov 27 2019

Seems like a great way to get ants in your hoo-ha or crawling over your asshole. Hard pass.

Oct 12 2019

The episode where the kid gets trapped in an arcade game forever. Oh man. That alarmed me. It’s the only one I remember three decades or whatever later. Super fucking dark ending for children’s television imo.

Oct 9 2019

I unsubbed both my WoW accounts last night, and my (tiny) guild did the same. I am a person who still loves regular retail WoW and follows the lore enthusiastically and defends the game. I’ve played since late vanilla and I am crushed to unsub, but I know that morally this is what I feel compelled to do. China throws Read more

Oct 4 2019

This right here is a powerful piece of writing and goddamn, so many men suck so hard. My hackles and my shoulders went up reading this. I hate the pressure to stay polite both for social pressure-y reasons and safety alike. I’m sorry you had to endure this recent bullshit and five decades of this kind of bullshit.

Oct 2 2019

From what I’ve read, though, there’s a lot of implicit on-set pressure not to use the safeword, because if the shoot gets stopped and called off nobody gets paid at all (the camera person, lighting person, etc). That makes a lot of unspoken pressure to go along with things.