Dec 29

Do we know the cause of death? After all the hate she got I feel like there might be some cover up. 

Aug 28 2019

I believe the proper term for this trailer is “Surprise Mechanics”. 

Aug 4 2019

As this was being typed down another mass shooting in Ohio happened. 9 more dead from guns. 

Jul 14 2019

I guess the criminalization of blackness is now complete; and every black male is a criminal, every white man a saint. Read more

Jul 8 2019

Should I cancel my trip to Comic-Con San Diego.

Apr 23 2019

You know what, let’s get rid of Earther. Get rid of the planet saving tips see if we can speed up our races own extinction. 

Feb 26 2019

Black but he’s a good person, that’s gonna piss some people off. 

Jan 9 2019

He said there were border agents and other people murdered by illegal immigrants. Is that true at all?

Nov 1 2018

Still disappointed we’re getting Shantae as a spirit and not a fighter. 

Oct 8 2018

What can we do to help?

Mar 12 2018

Is Sakurai okay? I feel like we should do something to show our appreciation given how much work was put into the last Smash.

Dec 10 2017

Awkward Zombie spitting truth.

Dec 2 2017

It’s a crime to lie about it to the FBI and Congressional committees, and to ask the head of the FBI to drop the investigation, then fire him when he doesn’t. Read more

Sep 11 2017

Do any of you people whining about supply not know the kind of F*** up shit the people that make these go through? Anyone familiar with Foxconn? Give them time all the games are already available through other sources.

Jun 4 2017

Since they F***ed up the Nes Classic I’d like it if they announced a virtual console version of the Nes Classic for the Switch. Put all the HD remade games into one package that I can download so I can play it on the go. And I hope they do the same for the Super Nes Classic and some day the Nintendo 64 classic.
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May 20 2017

Each day I read the news, and each day I lose even more faith in not just America but in humanity.

Apr 13 2017

This game gets more American by the sequel.

Aug 19 2016

Ash may have lost the Kalos league, but he’s still friends with a hot blonde French idol who wants to bang him. Read more