Guessing you meant to reply to the author, not me...but’s not like it would be difficult to replace the writers on gawk in the event of a strike, even if just on a temporary “Gap fill” basis. Read more

For the simple possibility of a news outage due to strike, unionizing is obviously not the correct strategy right? In the world of blogging; that hole you leave would be filled quicker than my minds ability to generate a non-pornographic metaphor for “how quick the hole you leave would be filled”. Also, about the Read more

Uh huh, I just marked my calendar. I’ll check back with you in 12 months after the union has had an opportunity to destroy everything you loved about your job. You’re progressive ideas are all fantasy despite what might be the best of intentions (which is doubtful). Read more

The problem with this, especially if it’s just gawker media, is that you’re not going to have any real power. We tinkered with doing something like this back a million years ago when I worked at a helpdesk. We were underpaid. HORRIBLY underpaid. Expected to work horrifyingly long hours, including holidays etc (and Read more

one more thing. its ridiculous that we haven’t shopped around! we are going with the first people who come to us, who are taking quite a bit of our money for not even doing that much! dues are standard for the WGA, yes, but most companies have much more robust contracts involving a lot more union services. this is a Read more

as a gizmodo employee, i completely agree with you. this process is being rushed, and nobody...NOBODY on staff truly understands what negotiation a union contract looks like and what it will entail. despite what adam says below, we do not have concrete goals. we have a broad outline of goals that will no doubt be Read more

Personally, it sounds like you guys are rushing into this and pushing the romantic notion that a union will be all things to all people, hoping to capitalize on the emotional momentum that has been built without actually developing concrete goals and a real vision prior to voting. As another commenter before me said, Read more

why isnt THIS trending in newsfeeds? instead of celebrity garbage? way to go kid. this is a true hero for our generation. Read more

ive studies this for years actually. Read more

I plan on occupying a warehouse. Read more

Who has a PhD and finally gets to get pedantic on this show? Read more

How does this junk get another season and Person of Interest barely gets renewed? Read more

“It’s a piece of metal that’s light enough to float.” Read more

Unless we are talking full doggy AI I don’t know that you could replace them. Their quirks and eccentricities; or seeing something like them experiencing snow for the first time.

I think this guy totally agrees with you.

...or if you don’t want to bloat up your Chrome and give Giphy read/write access to your email, you can just copy and paste like a normal person. Read more

They’re also still charging 15 dollars a month with additional micro transactions on a ten year old game that you already have to dump money into the base game with five expansions to play. They’re going to have to have either a sequel or a new business model at some point. Who can justify that much money for one game? Read more

Not really. I could send you Bitcoins and you’ll have them in minutes. A bank transfer could take days. Read more