Landon B
Sep 19 2018

Well I only buy a good GPU every 5 years or so, so I have 2080ti on pre-order coming in. To me the more power the more future proof it will be.
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May 3 2018

The consoles aren’t going anywhere. The world isn’t going to stop rotating just because you can’t afford something. Wait for a price drop for both the console and games, then you can experience it yourself. Getting a console at launch is rarely a smart choice.

Apr 17 2018

Chance the Rapper is typically thought of as a legitimate artist in hip hop. Cardi B is more of an entertainer (i.e., not very good for the brain, but fun for many to just listen and watch). It appears in the picture that Chance doesn’t really want to be there as it’s not really his style of hip hop. I hope this Read more

Feb 26 2018

WTF with the spoiler? Thanks for ruining it. I get that most people (me included) don’t care about this show like we used to, but that’s just a dick move.

Feb 14 2018

But this is no ordinary family, and this act of adolescent rebellion is not at all what you expect... and neither is what happens next. Read more

Nov 13 2017

I love coffee, and I love my Keurig even though I have a french press and fancy coffee that I drink whenever I run out of k-cups. Read more

Apr 16 2017

Neat, but wish the mod went further. Replace the police with some bug people, and we’re in business.

Apr 12 2017

That sounds like an awful commute. Doing that more than 3-4 times per month would make me kill self.

Apr 12 2017

just reading this article, i’m thinking about getting one. $15k for a brand new commuter car that i barely need to care about is a great deal.

Apr 12 2017

I bought a used 2015 with 24,000 miles for under $10,000 that has the level 3 quick charge port. It cost me $600 for a charger and I absolutely love the driving experience. It’s torquey off the line, super smooth driving and I never really worry about my charge. Read more

Feb 15 2016

Yeah, I thought this was one of the best episodes I’ve seen in a long time. You know that when the first bulletpoint under “Assorted Musings” is the writer defending their opinion before anyone’s had a chance to disagree, there’s a problem.