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Nov 19

Kinja only lets me star comments that have some already, so consider this a star. Could not have put it better.

Nov 17

Everybody here mocks the idea of a car as an appliance, but the Nissan Micra is an appliance in a good way. It just works. You want to go from A to B? Get in the car and turn the key and it just works. All the controls are where your hands expect them to be. It doesn’t make strange noises, it barely sips fuel, there’s Read more

Oct 29

Check Hemmings. Even non-Abarth modified 600's go for more than this. (Admittedly, as a specialty forum Hemmings does command strong pricing) With the bigger motor this is a great deal.

Oct 26

How dare you suggest that every American family doesn’t need a 7 seat suv for the Mrs and short bed crew cab pick up for the Mr. 

Oct 26

I’m guessing you’ve probably never ridden in one? For the kind of fuck it money this is being offered for, it is an absolutely excellent choice.

Oct 21

These things run like cockroaches, and are just about as hard to kill. Except for rust attacking the front subframes. And hopefully this pickle-colored Dodge in Houston is devoid of that. Read more

Jul 9

There already was a Whippet, made by Willys-Overland from 1927 to 1931. Since it was considered a marque in its’ own right, not a “Willys Whippet” (although it didn’t apparently have a separate dealer network) presumably the rights to the name are still held by FCA.

May 19

I don’t find the Bolt in any way offensive. Almost NO cars, no matter what the propulsion system need a grill at all, and that one is fine - it is proportional to the size of the front of the car. There is still an A/C condenser behind it at a minimum. Read more

May 19

I’m so glad you brought this up. I’ve owned 13 Pacers and I know for a fact that you can fit the sloped hood over a V8. And they made a special radiator to fit under that hood, so neither of those are the reason they went to the ugly grille. I think the reason was that when you’re driving, you see no hood in front of