Hey Tyler, Well I was on Missouri as part of the deception operation in Operation DESERT SABRE. I was assigned as chief J-2 (intelligence) forward for the feint and part of my job was to work with a Marine Corps Captain to identify and bombard targets using the Pioneer drone. I moved over from USS Tripoli, right after Read more

It could very well be a modular communications intelligence gathering package that will allow the P-8 to pick up some of the slack for the USAF’s RC-135 and U-2 (in Senior Spear configuration) fleets, as well as the Navy’s own secretive EP-3 Aries cadre among other smaller platforms. Such a capability will allow the Read more

This strategy was outlined in great detail in an entire chapter of my 2010 book An End to al-Qaeda:

That's a Surefire Nitrolon flashlight. IR laser was in the grip.

Whoa! I changed my orders from Brunswick to Coronado for a March class! FASOLANT is for suckas ... cold, cold suckas.

Too bad you can’t be there shipmate. The movie Victory was about unity of purpose and defeating the enemy’s exploitation. Ask any one that’s actually been to SERE. Its all about resisting enemy exploitation in a captive environment. The SERE community has had conferences and papers written about the Manchurian Read more

This was an Iraqi Intelligence built can taken from al-Qaeda in Iraq Knights of the Silencers assassination squad. They aimed off the rear sight and the bullet goes right down the barrel and into the target. It was used for “Step up” assassinations... as some have said walk right behind the victim and put it in his

He’s pretty frickin' good at the NatSec for a former private. I can't keep up with all the articles between Phase Zero or F/A sometimes. I work in the business and stuff they write surprises me all the time.

Fun potential fact: A friend in the Hollywood SF mafia told me that during 3Kings they were told a certain black Arabic speaking Navy Chief running around Southern Iraq looking for Iraqi Exocet anti-ship missiles during the Shia uprising was the model for the character nicknamed “the Chief” played by Ice Cube. It was