Mar 13

Surviving the game is flawless. the bad acting actually makes it better. how many movies have gary busey, rutger hauer, and f. murray (fuckin’) abraham fully embracing terrible dialogue like they were doing Shakespeare at the globe theater? i’ll tell you - ONE. 

Mar 12

Trump Recession, he loves a good branding

Mar 12

That guy probably knows more about coronaviruses than anyone else. He was the main epidemiologist for SARS and MERS. You know the Mayo Clinic is in Minnesota, right?

Mar 11

1) It’s more deadly than the flu, we just don’t know how much more deadly.

Mar 11

You can always spot the people who are definitely gonna get it

Mar 11

I wouldn’t call a willful disinformation/misinformation campaign from this administration an attempt not to cause panic.

Mar 10

At least The Rock is charismatic on screen. Diesel is just a blank stare

Mar 10

I wish I could remember the name, but Saul’s shenanigans were based on a real case where a defense attorney did pretty much the same thing. . . . only, I believe, the witness was a cop who was none too happy to have identified the wrong person. If I remember correctly, the attorney got in trouble with the bar for Read more

Mar 10

He wasn’t in the credits, but that was character actor Tim DeZarn as the witness on the stand in the courtroom. He’s been in a ton of stuff, but some of you might recognize him as Mordecai, the Harbinger of Doom in ‘Cabin In The Woods’. This show is killing it with the bit parts for powerful character actors. Berry Read more

Mar 6

Oh man, who wouldn’t want to watch 2 hours of Bautista laughing like a fucking weirdo for no reason