Kid Dynamite
12:17 PM

I’ve been eventually dumped or rejected or made to feel like shit in some capacity by almost every dude I’ve ever fucked or wanted to fuck and yet somehow I’ve managed to never mass murder Read more

2:23 AM

and ryu should be wearing shoes when he is fighting in random places, vega probably shouldn’t wear a mask as it just impairs his vision, rashid shouldn’t be wearing his scouter since a kick to the head might break it and you don’t want to get stuff in your eyes

12:14 PM

Very few of my favorite cards are because of their functionality. Most of my cards I considered favorite because of their artwork or flavor text.

11:15 AM

Back in the day (and this really means back in the day of Revised edition, when I first got into MTG) this was the strongest card I had in my deck. A flat 5/4 for 5 back then was very rare for red. Other than a few legendaries (back when the legends rule was in place) most red creatures usually werent stronger than Read more

10:17 PM

Listening to Wu doesn’t have to mean not jamming Bboys.... so im guessing Doug E, KRS, and a host of others would be omitted from your rotation? The Beasties are part of the foundation... I fear you Never experienced “Paul’s boutique” and have missed out tremendously.

3:31 PM

Haha. Naw, I just wanted to save people from years of staring at a hideous console for 500 gigs of extra space at an inflated price. Read more

5:47 PM

Humans have not encountered alien life yet but that does not mean they are unique. Earth is a good a case for the possibility of intelligent extra-terrestrial life. It happened on Earth so it is at least possible that it happened elsewhere in the galaxy, and/or in other galaxies. Keep in mind that the Milky Way galaxy Read more

3:09 PM

People complaining about Johnny Depp playing a Native American have to remember that The Lone Ranger was a Johnny Depp vehicle. Disney paid him some $40m to headline the movie, and built the movie around him. Read more

1:07 PM

Ah yes, The Lone Ranger, or as i call it: The Pirates of the Reservation. Same character, different clothes.

5:51 AM

The gimmick was fun, but got old fast. Using it in combat was also very sloppy. Even the story wasn’t really interesting either and made little sense. I had to push myself to finish the game (which was a real grind) and i’m really done with it. I can’t think of any reason why i would ever want to play a sequel.