Keyan Reid

Yep, this game has been on my radar. Even have it downloaded thanks to GamePass. But I’m still waiting for it to sort it’s shit out first and until then, Destiny and that classic ME3 coop got me covered. Read more

I feel like scouts have finally gotten back to decent footing this season. I’ve all but avoided them in D2 but this season they’ve been in regular rotation. Especially Dead Man’s Tale, that thing is fantastic 

As a player since Vanilla D1 launched I first have to say that Destiny is just in an amazing place right now. The game runs beautifully after ironing out things in the Beyond Light DLC, they finally got a handle on seasons and really making the most of that format, the new weapons and exotics have been a joy to use, Read more

I hear these Phantasy Star IV tunes and I just have to drop everything I’m doing and listen. It instantly teleports me back 25+ years.

While we’re talking spoilers, this just popped up for the official line of Shang Chi figures:

We had to replace a few as well, and they are crazy expensive. Ultimately we’ve just been using the iPhone Remote app instead because those remotes are a hassle more often than not.

Isn’t this like beat for beat the idea behind Real Steel or one of those movies they did a while back? Read more

Congratulations to the Titan Master Race on their forthcoming victory! Read more

I think GamePass is starting to make this a moot point for me anyway. Read more

Pretty sure I have thrown one back in the old NES/SNES days when I was a little kid with some unchecked rage, but you learn what that gets you real fast. Read more

Whomst da fuck dictates “keyboard only” for a Metroidvania

I mean, I imagine any Aussie worth their salt on the matter was just gonna use the ole’ VPN passport to ‘step out’ of Australia and buy the game regardless. I suppose this just saves everyone the extra step. 

Still trying to figure out exactly where I land on this issue, but I’d say it’s worth pointing out that these guys aren’t just ‘making money off of a product that isn’t theirs’, they’re actively sabotaging someone else’s product for their gain. Read more

I used to make a habit of going and adding them all to my library, even if I never intended to play. Never know when a game might update into something better after all. Read more

This game seems to be picking up steam on it’s way to release. Read more

This looks fun. I’m getting a kind of Battle Crashers vibe but with more RPG and puzzles, which I can get behind. Read more

I don’t care if that shit is silly, I’m interested in this one. Read more