Kevin K
6:46 AM

Once again, this reviewer sees what appears to be a left leaning arc, latches on to it and completely misses the point. This episode was not “anti-capitalist,” it was anti-monopolist. It showed the dangers of what happens when a company becomes too big to fail and had a parasitic relationship with its employees who Read more

12:29 AM

A little less than 20 years ago, a still-finding-its-legs South Park aired a memorable episode called “Gnomes,” which focused both on the omnipresence of Starbucks Coffee (named Harbucks in the episode), as well as little gnomes that steal your underpants in the night, with their ultimate goal being “profit.” That Read more

11:33 AM

Um, no. Sorry, but South Park making an episode that made you mad was not momentous enough an event to shift the totality of discourse about global warming in the United States.

7:42 AM

“(You) didn’t manage to catch (Grandpa’s) entire speech”? Seriously? This is someone who gets paid to write about something while my thumb stays hopelessly, joblessly lodged up my ass? Read more

7:38 AM

the joke was the demands are pretty insignificant compared to the stakes, and still.

3:37 AM

I’m not one to criticise a journalist’s approach to, uh, journalism, but I find the AV Club’s South Park coverage to be just, like, so weird. The first-name basis with Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the attempt to reverse-engineer a cogent ideological statement out of every episode, the way you discuss theme as though Read more

1:14 AM

Why does everything have to be a metaphor? I don’t think giving up RDR2 has anything to do with referencing the developers work conditions. It seemed pretty clear to me that literally everyone in South Park is playing the game so giving it up would be a tough sacrifice for them to make.

12:12 AM

Unfortunately, instead of ice cream and cars, he now wants people to give up soy sauce and RDR2. I’ll be honest; the soy sauce thing I don’t get. That he would want them to give up the game seems like a reference to Rockstar’s poor treatment of workers who were rushed to finish it, and the fact that most people Read more

4:53 PM

17 years ago, at the very same track, Max’s dad Jos crashed into race leader Juan Montoya while being lapped. At least Max still finished second.

3:04 PM

What isn’t immediately obvious is whether or not Max has been shoved by other drivers when he ruined their races with idiotic crashes. Read more

1:06 PM

It blows my mind that we can say such a thing about an episode where Danny DeVito stuffs buffalo wings up his nose at a gay bondage orgy, and yet I totally agree. Read more

11:19 AM

There is no way in hell that Newark is better than LaGuardia, and there is no way in hell that LaGuardia is better than JFK. None of these airports are what I would call state of the art, and if you want to put them on the bottom, that’s cool with me. But they have completely fucked the order up.

2:43 AM

Wow that Anastasia detour was the weirdest combination of graphic violence and downright goofy plotting. What a strange thing to introduce this late in the season and in such an offhand way (by the way, time travel might be possible and Myrtle loves the Romanovs so off you go). I’m also still massively confused by the Read more

12:25 AM

but by mocking Al Gore by having him get hysterical about a half-man half-pig half-bear creature that appears to be imaginary, there was the undeniable implication that global warming wasn’t real. Read more

10:59 PM

I half expected the dance to transform into “It’s Raining Men” which, while a huge cliche, would’ve felt more in line with yknow, the last 13 seasons.