Yeah, he does it subconsciously. It’s the same instinct that lets him know how much force to apply against an opponent.
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Yup. Hence why death tolls on his rampages were always oddly tiny or non existent. Read more

He already has that swagger I remember.

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you actually were promised and got this guy:

It giving you Kurt “Fucking” Russell wasn’t enough? Read more

To be fair sometimes he does look like this...

It’s also James Gunn. If there’s a way to show him as the planet at some point, I’m sure we’re going to see it, and when it happens my popcorn will probably go everywhere. Read more

For us olds it was this guy:

At 1;13 you got the first and the end gives you the second You and us WIN!

Please — “Mr. Skin” was his father.

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Here’s the thing, though: It’s honestly not hard at all to make a version of this that’s faithful to the spirit of Cable’s origin that isn’t too complicated. Read more

“Analysis shows that the upper surface of the tail was colored a chestnut-brown, and the underside a pale white.” Read more

FDR guy is great. Every Roosevelt should be cosplayed more. Read more

I think Jared Leto needs to read Neil Gaiman’s Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader in order to get a better understanding of the Joker: