Bad Kev

For someone who doesn’t care what he thinks you REALLY seem to care what he thinks.

Those are not renders... those are actual photos...

Have you driven some of the new trucks? It’s almost absurd how nice they are. Hell, I drove a 2015 Silverado 2500 Crew cab from Dallas to Houston and back pulling a car-hauler with a Sequoia (first gen Toyota, not the tree) on it and I would look at the Speedo and realize I was going over 80 in the damned thing Read more

Dude it’s not a 2017. If a Tesla is built in 2016, it’s a 2016 model year. You can buy the refresh today, not next year. Read more

Does no one understand this is not the production version?

You mind if I ask what the population of Germany is? And then what's the population of the U.S?

That title to this article made my head hurt.

You mind telling me the odds of that happening to a Model S? Read more

*insert how dumb people are and some comment about dumb youth and some sort of grammar error here*

Well then why the hell do we not drive them anymore!? It makes no sense!

How to the jet engines survive hail like that? Or do they? I've always wondered that.

12 volt systems and other low voltage electronics are usually pretty safe even when completely submerged in water. You can find videos of people dropping their iPhones in pools on YouTube and the phone films the whole thing while still functioning (at least for those moments).

I know the F-35 has had it’s ups and downs through it’s development (well... mostly downs), but every single time I see a video of one I am mesmerized by it’s design. I think it is nearly as stunning as an SR-71 and so much more badass looking than any other fighter jet. Read more

I had a lower ball joint fail on my 3rd gen once. I got a dolly from Home Depot and got it to my house: Read more

I dunno... "real people" are pretty dumb...

I feel like I'm the only person who thought this movie totally sucked. I loved some of the other films in this franchise and I thought Furious 7 was so stupid. It was worse then any Michael Bay movie and I'm sad I contributed to its financial success...