3/29/21 7:45PM

Do people realize how harmful it is to read sex into every friendly relationship? Fanfic is mostly fun and innocent but stuff like this that attempts to read this into everything as if it’s important is really bad. It’s really, really important to have queer characters! It’s ALSO really, really important to have Read more

2/13/21 12:14PM

I think we can all agree there is only ONE Mr and Mrs Smith...

12/21/20 4:56PM

Look I’m not saying they should or will retcon the sequel trilogy, recast Luke, Leia & Han, and then have the Mandalorian be the lead in to them retelling modified and edited versions of the best of the “Legends” EU content (Thrawn, X-Wing, Spectre of the Past / Visions of the Future) while ignoring the dumbest EU Read more

9/30/20 12:08PM

Carrigan was so great as Zsasz in Gotham, he was a real highlight of the show and stole pretty much every scene he was in. This guy has hilarious shoes to fill.

8/07/20 1:21PM

Goddamn thinking about how Sleepy Hollow went off the rails still pisses me off. The way they did Abby Mills was particularly foul.

8/07/20 1:12PM

How can you mention Daredevil and not note that Jessica Jones and Luke Cage also had their first seasons as their best? Not to mention Legion (though it came back seriously strong in S3).

7/17/20 11:39AM

It’s not a bad movie; there’s lots to enjoy along the way. But the best part is Rick and Evie’s relationship; they’re a great couple, up there with Nick and Nora Charles in terms of banter, chemistry, and fun. The scene at the end, when Evie decides to run to help Rick against his pleas, while Imhotep watches as Anck-S Read more

8/05/19 10:47AM

The breakfast burrito in Albuquerque, and there's a thousand places to get a good one. You can swing by a Twisters (my favorite) Golden Pride, Little Anita's, Cecilia's...there's just so many options. You can get them with red or green (or both!) filled with meat or veggie, smothered or handheld. It truly is the best Read more

7/25/19 3:13AM

No. It is not racist. The point is to include people that get messed with at other cons, not to exclude people or get revenge. Intent matters. Read more

6/24/19 4:20PM

Oh man i used to love that show when it was on. and it wasnt that bad for the time, but now it might not hold up, but still a fun show to watch. Read more

7/22/18 3:37AM

*fap fap fap* oh god I hope they take offense to this *fap fap fap* yeah take that you SJW bitch, oh yeah baby *fap fap fap*
Read more

6/18/18 5:17PM

Does anyone remember that part of the movie where Bob is struggling with Vi and her boy troubles, with Dash and his new math, and Jack Jack with his new powers? And how Bob hides all that from Helen, because he knows she’d drop everything to run home if she found out? And how even when things get harder, when he’s Read more

6/07/18 7:48PM

You know, I wanted to see something happen with Dinoriders for the longest time, but then I realized that there’s a better 80's dino cartoon to reboot: