Apr 30 2015

BUT I don’t want needles, I don’t want lipo either. What I want is a cream that breaks down the fat, meng. Melts away the vanity chub. I want to apply it myself. . . And I want it neaow! Please do this. Read more

Apr 30 2015

I’ve totally tried to instigate this type of thing with my boyfriend but all he does is look at me with an expression of confusion and amusement. Meh, more for me I guess.

Apr 27 2015

So there’s a ten and a half foot hole in the mens bathroom. Ten and a half. foot. hole. I’m unable to comprehend how. Honestly, that part confused me.

Apr 27 2015

Unless there’s a two-way miror in the mens room as well, the Halloween excuse holds zero weight and it’s already a fucking flimsy reason.

Apr 23 2015

I really feel like places that bank on objectification of the staff would be best if they were unisex. That way people would have to confront their gender biases and phobias about sexualizing men as well as destigmatize the overt sexualization of women which is much more accepted (and often oppressive). The fact that Read more

Apr 22 2015

Around 9, that’s when my folks started restricting my behavior. That the benevolent sexism issue. I couldn’t be comfortable at home without receiving a comment about “attracting attention” as if it was my responsibility to control what happens in someone elses mind. Then my boobs came in around 14 and the real gross Read more

Apr 18 2015

You ever read the book Human Monsters? This kid was in that. The book came out early 2000’s I think. I was a big serial killer bio buff in highschool. Ol’ milk-eye there is hard to forget.

Mar 31 2015

Hmm, depends on my mood. I think I'm around the "not good" area but have been told I'm "hot" and/or "gorgeous" by strangers (I assume they think I'm an easy target because I'm plain though). I don't know, growing up my pop used to call me Stern because he thought I looked like Howard Stern . . . the self loathing Read more

Dec 28 2014

Also why isn't anyone saying "there's a pedophilia issue among older white men that white culture needs to address" . . . You know, the same way that folks tend to talk about every group other than white men.